Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather last weekend and took Andrew to the pumpkin patch.  It has got to be the neatest one around.  There was so much to do!  We talked about how we could have easily planned it as a whole day excursion, but instead we decided to wait until Andrew got up from his nap to go so he'd be rested and in a good mood! Ha!  Although I don't think there is any way you couldn't be in a good mood at this place!  It was loads of good time, family fun!  We even brough Ga Ga along for the experience!

Andrew was so cute.  When he saw all the pumpkins he ran right over to them and tried to pick up each one!  Took him a while to find one that was small enough for him to lift!  He wanted the biggest ones!

We went to the Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge.  Andrew had gone there with his day care a couple weeks ago and got a coupon so we had to go back.  Also because the day they went it was crummy and raining so they didn't get to do much outside.

We talked about how much easier it is to take Andrew places now that he's just a little older.  He is so much better at staying with us and not running off.  He enjoys things more and spends more time looking at everything.  Just last year he'd go from one thing to the next, but this year he really soaked it all in.

They have this really neat corn pool, with slides and hay bails for the kids to jump in.  Andrew loved it!
We then made our way over to the animals.  You can pay $1.00 for a container of "goat food."  This was big stuff!  Andrew didn't quite figure out how to hold it out in his hand...he'd rather feed the goat piece by piece with his fingers! Watch those fingers!
Andrew was fascinated by the ducks.  He just stared at them for the longest time.  He kept quacking at them!  It was so funny.

They also have these really cute little houses that are from the Three Little Pigs.  They are made of sticks, straw and bricks.  There is even a wolf on top of the brick house and little pigs outside each one.  Andrew loved going in and out of the play houses and peeking through the windows.

Once Andrew spotted this, he was done with the animals and houses!

You just can't beat a choo choo with a smiley face on the front!  It was run by this sweet old man and lady who are in their 80's.  They said they still love to run the train for the enjoyment of children.  Isn't that so sweet?  Andrew loved it so much he wanted to ride more than once!  And I was the only mom running beside the train, snapping pictures making sure Andrew didn't try to crawl out of his seat!  Ha!

This was his 2nd train ride of the day! lol!

They also have an old one room school house.  Andrew felt right at home at "school."  He plopped right down in one of the desks, folded his little hands, ready to learn!

Next we took a hay rack ride to a different part of the farm where they have even more cool stuff (I told you, this place is the best!)

They have a super slide, which is actually pretty scary!  I'm telling you, I almost chickened out when I was sitting in this sled on top!  It is steep!  Andrew was so excited and loved it...when we got to the bottom he immediately said "AGAIN?!"  I let daddy go the next time because I was too chicken to go again really wanted him to experience the fun!

He had to be silly and raise his arm like he was on a roller coaster! Ha!

Ok, so I'm not done yet!!  They have this cool thing they call a "jumping pillow."  I know.  What pumpkin farm doesn't have one of those? lol!  It was so fun watching Andrew.  He had a ball.  Especially when daddy jumped with him and he was airborne for a while!  Mommy was a little nervous but I snapped some pictures anyway!  I think I better get used to my rough house loving boys!

Andrew just laughed and laughed, and could have jumped all night!  Oh, do you see the huge barn behind him?  That is called the "Feed Barn."  Yep, you can even order up fresh shredded BBQ pork sandwiches, complete with potato salad, homemade applesauce, and you can't forget the delicious apple cider...

Andrew loved it!  He also has a new love for apples.  See him clutching this one?  He wouldn't put it down once he saw it in the store and suckered Ga Ga into spending a whole 75 cents on it.  He carried it all around (luckily it was when we were almost ready to go home).  We had to visit the old fashioned store and pick up some of this great stuff...

Andrew's sweet babysitter last year made some delicious home made apple butter and he has never forgotten about it.  He still calls it "Ava's toast."  They gave us a jar to take home and we ran out, but Andrew still asks for Ava's toast so I thought I'd better replenish the supply!
Do you like Craig's hat?  Ha!  This was the one family picture we attempted to take- Andrew wouldn't sit still for much more!  How could he with so many fun things to do??

The day we went they were having a special pumpkin carving day and that night stayed open late to "Light the Night" with all the pumpkins people had carved throughout the day.  It was so neat.  Andrew loved all the lit pumpkins and just took everything in.  He was so sweet.

And have you ever seen a kid devour an apple like this?

He gazed at his apple the whole ride home and even for a while after we got home, but he wouldn't put it down.  Pretty soon, he just dug in!  He had juice everywhere!  I love all the little bite marks all over it.  He'd take a bite, then rotate it around and bite it again.  Usually I cut up his apples for him, so this was a first!  He had a ball!

This picture cracks me up.  Just loungin with his apple!

Have any of you been to any fun pumpkin farms this fall?  What kinds of activities did they have for kids?  If you haven't been to one yet, I highly recommend it!  We had such an enjoyable family day.

Happy pumpkin picking!


Gloria said...

Jen such adorable pictures. Who could not love that boy. You have shared so much about this guy that all those who follow your blog and carepages can't help but want to hug on him and love him too.

I started following several carepages over a year and my list has grown as so many little one's have been born with CHD or some type of cancer. Andrew's is one I really enjoy, especially since you started blogging. Thank you for sharing your blog with all of us. Which I guess is saying thank you with sharing your famiy. Your love for you child just oozes out of every word you write. As I drive a school bus and see so many children who don't have parents that "just don't care" it just makes my heart jump for joy when I can see true love of any child. I thank the Lord everyday for parents like you. I pray that He gives you the strength to get through each trial that is put in your path. But I also thank him for giving Andrew to such loving parents. Andrew will succeed in all that he tries to do because he has you and Craig has parents. God bless your family as you go ahead in this journey with Andrew.

Those Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchard's are the best thing to take the little ones to in the fall. I love them. We have been to the apple orchard twice this year -- so far. Keep up the great work on this blog. I love it and look forward to every update and of course the pictures. I haven't tried your pumpkin bread yet, but I plan on it.

Gloria King in KY

jflannery said...

Hey Jen! We're heading out to that same pumpkin patch later today. Looking forward to an outside adventure...the dreaded H1N1 swept through our house last week. But Leah didn't even flinch. No flu for her. Whew!

Thanks for sharing your fun day!

Love, Jodi

Lisa Holdgrafer said...

Luke road that same train at a pedal pull this summer in Maxwell ~ I didn't think we'd ever get him OFF of it!!

Looks like you guys had a great time at the pumpkin patch!!

Have a Happy Halloween!
~ The Holdgrafers

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics Jen! We took the kids to a pumpkin farm in Cumming this week and had a ball! I love fall! I am definitely going to keep the one you went to in mind for next year though.
I had to laugh about the toast story because Ava had some this morning and called it "Andrew's toast". So cute!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

The Carter's said...

That's one awesome pumpkin patch! It makes me want to load everyone up and head to Iowa! :)

The pictures are great, and it looks like you all had a blast!

Big Heart Hugs,

Party of Five said...

That jumping pillow and the slide look awesome! My kids would have totally loved those! Glad you had fun!

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