Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heart Family Bonding!

We had the best time last weekend with our good friends, the Jacks Family.  They were coming back from their vacation and drove through our area so we met up for some fun!
Logan and Andrew are "heart buddies."  It really is amazing to be with these boys, as they just exude energy and happiness and fun.  It almost takes your breath away seeing them together, their little hearts beating and knowing what a couple of amazing miracles they are.
This waterpark just opened inside a hotel near our home.  We had been there before, just to check it out and not to swim.  We had promised to take Andrew back sometime and swim, and this was a perfect opportunity! 
It is the neatest place!  They have several pools, and different sizes of waterslides- perfect for all ages.  This was the kids section where the boys could touch and go down the waterslides by themselves.  They had a blast!
But Andrew would rather jump on Wyatt's lap and slide!  Ha!  Wyatt is Logan's big brother and Andrew thinks Logan is pretty lucky to have such an awesome big brother!
Wyatt was so sweet to take such good care of Andrew and help him get around the pool and down the slides.  Andrew got pretty attached to him!
Andrew loved playing all over the huge pirate ship.  It had lots of little hidden slides and places to crawl through.  They never had these things when I was a kid!  Wow!

Andrew liked sitting on the water fountains that squirt up at you!  He thought it was so funny!
I was having fun experimenting with my new camera!  I love how it captured the sprays of the water!
I realize this was fairly risky of me to take my camera this close to the water!  But I was confident nothing would happen to it!  I took good care of it!  Ha!
Andrew absolutely loves waterslides.  Of all sizes.  And he wants to go again and again and again.  They go so fast, and one of us has to go with him on the bigger ones.  He squeals the whole way down and Craig and I about drown ourselves trying to hold him up at the end without going under!
Once everyone was all shriveled up we headed back up to their hotel room so the adults could order some dinner.  They boys had already happily eaten their Shrek happy meals by the pool earlier!
While we waited for our food, the kids had a blast playing in the room together!  (Sorry Ryan, you got posted on my blog!  Ha!)
Where's Andrew and Logan???  And Shrek???
There they are!  Participating in Andrew's first game of hide and seek (I know, I am sad to admit that!)
Andrew loved the game!  He totally caught right on.  He'd go "1...2...3...4....5...ready or not, here I come!"  He got really into it!  Except he'd say that same thing when it was his turn to hide!  Ha!
I am a little sad for Andrew that he doesn't have a big brother.  He would totally love it.  Someone to look up to, ya know?  Here they were having fun introducing Andrew to America's Funniest Home Videos.  He loved it.  Amazing the things he learns when we hang out with Logan and "Quiet!" (That is what Andrew called Wyatt!  Ha!  I think he's heard that word a few times in his life!)
The next day, the Jacks' came over to our house to grill out and play some more before they headed home.  I love this picture of Andrew's swing set getting some use!  Usually it is just him on it, and he only lasts about 2 minutes!
But he went wherever "Quiet" went, so he played and played on this thing!
He even learned to Teeter Totter!  Ha!  Wyatt is a better partner than mommy!
And action shot of Andrew performing his latest trick.  Yes, he does it on purpose!  Ha!  Check out Wyatt being all careful and concerned.  I love it!
 Saying our goodbyes.  I could just cry thinking about how much the Jacks family means to us.  How amazing it is that we really only met a couple of years ago but it seems like a lifetime.  That we've shared the same experiences and we understand each other so perfectly because we've all been there.  We've seen our children endure so much and come out on top.  We have so much to celebrate.  I love the bond we share as heart families and friends.
Heart brothers for life.


Stefenie said...

I loved your update on our time together last weekend!

We do share a special bond through our children and I feel so blessed that we have an amazing friendship. I don't know what I would do without you!

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories! I can't wait to create more fun times together in the future!

The Carter's said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun! Heart friends are the best. :)

And I love the water pictures! :)

ShannonLeideker said...

"Heart friends" are the best! Logan and Andrew will share a special bond for life!

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