Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Papa's Birthday!

Andrew just adores his Papa... and he loves birthdays!  Anyone's!  As long as he gets to celebrate and there's cake!
So he was super excited to go to Ga Ga and Papa's to celebrate Papa's birthday!
Of course Papa let him have all the birthday fun...
Like blowing out the candles...
And opening all of his gifts!  (Andrew was especially excited about this one.. he loves it when Papa makes popcorn out of a real popper, and he gets to watch movies with Ga Ga and Papa).
It was such a beautiful night, we got to grill out, eat on the patio and open gifts outside too.  I don't think we ever went inside!  It was a perfect evening.

This is Papa's little tricycle that he got out for Andrew to use when he's at Ga Ga's.  Andrew still refuses to pedal, but he walks it all around the neighborhood!
This is the same slide that I used to play on when I was a little girl!  Andrew always walks to this little park and loves the slide.  It is so fun to watch him play where I played as a kid.

Andrew also had fun playing catch with daddy and Papa...
He got so excited that he threw the baseball on the roof and it landed in the gutter!
But Papa saved the day and rescued it!  Ha!  Then Andrew thought he could keep throwing it up there because Papa would keep getting it!
He definitely keeps us on our toes!
To top off the night, we got out Ga Ga's convertible that has been in storage over the winter, and Andrew was so excited to take a ride!
This was Andrew's face pretty much the whole ride... looking up at the sky and laughing!
He loved Ga Ga riding in the back with him...
It was just such a beautiful night.  I just love grilling out and being able to eat outside, and just let Andrew play and have fun and stay up way past his bedtime.  We cannot wait for the lazy hazy days of summer!  This was a nice little preview!  Andrew is so ready to be done with day care and Craig and I are ready to be done with school.  Craig is done this week and I am done next week.  Then it'll be time to finish up things and prepare for baby sister's big arrival!  Bring on SUMMER!

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