Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was so special.  We started celebrating on Friday!  My mom and I took the day off to go to Andrew's day care for Mother's Day Brunch.  It was so fun and special.
We did the same thing last year, and loved it so much we decided to do it again!
Andrew thought it was pretty special to have Ga Ga and Mommy come to his school for breakfast!  And that he didn't have to stay!  Ha!
Andrew's best buddy Lilly- she goes to his day care too, and so she and her mommy were there too!
Best friends!
Andrew gave me a special Mother's Day present he had made for me- a flower pot and sweet poem.

And we can't forget about our other sweet baby!  Mom and I took Andrew to preschool just for a couple of hours so she could go with me to my 30 week OB appointment.  I had a scheduled ultrasound to check things that went wrong last time about this time (low fluid, placenta, etc).  Everything looked great!
Sweet baby girl weighs 3lb 8oz, which is just a few ounces shy of what her big brother weighed when he was BORN!  I couldn't believe that!
Sorry if this is inappropriate (but it's my blog so I can do what I want!  Ha!) but I asked her to double check and make sure it was really a girl.  You know, since we've pretty much gotten the room painted and pretty pink things I've ordered online are beginning to arrive.  I've heard too many stories of "girls" coming out as boys!  So the lady was taking this picture and she said "Well...the room is okay!"  Ha!  I think it's quite obvious we have a little girl coming into the world!
Here is her sweet face looking right at us!  
We got a couple of 3D pictures, which I wasn't expecting but was super excited about!  Here you can see her sweet little nose (both my kids have my nose!) and precious little rose lips.  These give you such a better idea of what they look like, it is just so cool!
I love this one of her little arm up by her mouth, and her foot near her arm (and they told us that wasn't her hair!).  She's all scrunched up in there!  Which is no surprise, given how much she's kicking me lately!  She pretty much kicks and does flips all day and night!  Such big ones that you can see them, and it is so funny!  She's already fiesty, and I love it!  We were so happy to hear that everything was looking fine, and she was growing normally (this was a problem with Andrew).  It is so amazing to be having a healthy baby, such a different experience from before.  
After we picked up Andrew we went out to eat lunch at a favorite family place downtown- Noah's Ark.  Andrew liked it because of the animals on the sign!  Ha!  We have been coming here for years- my mom and dad used to eat here all the time when they were first married.  It is a special place, and delicious italian food!
All that great food, and Andrew's favorite?  Jello!  Ha!
I feel like all we did was eat! After lunch we went to visit some special friends of ours from the lake for a little while, then we stopped at another favorite dessert place- Nan's Nummies.
It is just the best little place with all kinds of yummy treats!  Andrew loved it!
We stopped here last year too, so we had to make it a tradition!

We just had the best day together, and it was such beautiful weather.  I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend a day.

Continuing with the weekend- we went to my grandma's on Saturday to celebrate Mother's Day, Easter, and my cousins birthdays!  Whew!  Now that's a lot of celebrations!
Andrew was so happy to see his cousins again!
We did a little Easter basket hunting!
Andrew and big cousin Kolton- Andrew just adores him!
All the kids with their baskets from grandma!

On Sunday we went to my mom's to celebrate Mother's Day.  It was such a special day and evening.  We grilled out and just hung out and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.
Andrew gave Ga Ga her present.  He picked out this "Tangled" card just for her.  She took him to this movie and then gave him the movie and some Tangled toys for Easter, so it is their special "thing!"  I thought it was so funny when we were picking up cards, I found a Mickey Mouse one that was for Mother's Day, and he said "No, I want a Tangled one for her!"  Ha!  So we improvised and I used my computer and some labels to change the words "Princess" to "Ga Ga" and "Happy Birthday" to "Mother's Day!"  Ha!  It worked!
Andrew wrote his own name.  He has been working so hard on this at preschool.  I am so proud of him!
He was so excited to give Ga Ga her gift.  Just as excited as when he has gifts himself!  It was so cute.  He wouldn't let her wait a second to open them.
Andrew and I worked hard making this special canvas for Ga Ga with his handprints.  And the heart on his left hand?  Yeah, we didn't even plan that.  Pretty cool, huh?
We ate crackers and cheese out on the patio while Papa grilled for us.  Daddy cleaned up the dishes, so I'd say all around it was a perfect Mother's Day.  I feel so blessed to be a mommy to TWO amazing kids.  There were many days I thought I'd never be able to say that, and it just brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  They are my miracles.
And not only that, but I have the greatest mother on Earth.  I can't even begin to describe how awesome she is, and how she is there for us every single second.  She puts us all first in her life, and she is just an incredible person.  I can only hope that I'm half the mother she is.  I certainly have the best model to look up to.  I always have.  I love you mom!  We are so lucky to have you!

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