Friday, May 25, 2012

cath update- good news!

So sorry it took so long for me to update here...It is easier to post on Facebook but I forget sometimes that not everyone follows there!  Not to mention, it is so much different this time with a ten month old crawling everywhere and demanding attention, in addition to Andrew!  I can hardly divide my time let alone do an update. Thank goodness Ga Ga and Papa took Kerigan to the hotel tonight.

This will be quick because I am ready to crawl in bed with my little man... but I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers today- they worked!  He is sleeping tonight with a considerably larger pulmonary artery!  More details to come... but things went better than expected and the doctor was very happy. He was able to balloon to quite a large size and get lots of blood flow through them! We are beyond thrilled and going to bed full of peace tonight.  God has worked yet another miracle.

Thanks again for all of your support today!

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