Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Miss {ten months}

My sweet baby girl... how are you ten months old already?  Double digits girly!  You have officially been in this world longer than you were inside mama!  That seems so crazy to me.  You just get more and more fiesty and fun with each month that goes by!
I think this month you have shown your personality more than ever.  You are not afraid to let us know what you think, and you are learning ways to get what you want!  You will arch your back and scream at us when you are mad.  And girl, you have got a set of lungs!  You are LOUD!  It is so funny, except when mommy's trying to get ready for work in the mornings or when we are going somewhere, or when we are in the car!   
You've started making this little face... you clench your fists together and squeeze them so tight and you just make all this noise!  It's so darn funny.  I can't believe you did it when I was taking your picture!  Ha!  You crack us up, little girl.
You don't seem to mind the grass anymore.  I plopped you down in it barefoot and you just reached down to grab for it!  I am still not convinced you are going to be a girly girl, but I am trying so hard!  Ha!  The funniest thing lately is that you get so mad when you are in a skirt because you can't crawl in it!  It stops you and you get so mad (insert scream here!)  I had to send pants to day care on picture day because I had you in a dress and I knew you'd be so mad all day if you couldn't go where you wanted!
You went to the doctor this month instead of your nine month because mommy couldn't get you an appointment sooner!  Today you weighed 20 lob 15 oz and were 29 1/2 inches!  That is the 91% for height and 81% for weight.  You are growing so fast!  You wear 12-18 month clothes, size 3 shoes, and we just moved you up to size 4 diaper.  The doctor said you were "socially advanced!"  Ha!  I found that super funny.  You do come from a line of social butterflies (your mama and Ga Ga!)  Let's just hope it doesn't get you in trouble for talking at school all the time!  I can only imagine!
You finally got your top two front teeth!  They started poking through last week- you were pretty fussy and wanted everything in your mouth!  Now you have started grinding them together!  It must feel weird to have all those teeth now!  You love when I put your teething ring in the freezer so it's nice and cold.
Girl, it just makes me laugh but you have not turned down any food yet!  Everything we put in front of you, you grab so fast and gobble it up!  You have learned to sign "more" and you tell us when you want more (and it is usually all the time!)  Ha!  Andrew loves to help feed you, and you don't care!  You'll take food from anywhere you can find it!  You still take 4 8oz bottles a day, and you eat table food in between, as well as baby food for lunch and dinner.  We always give you a little bit of what we are eating and you definitely prefer that over the baby food now.
Your sleeping just makes me shake my head.  You are all over the place.  Ga Ga tells me I deserve it because I was an awful sleeper too!  I feel like every month you go back and forth.  I'd have to say, this last month, you sleep awful at nap time but you go to bed at night just perfectly.  It is like you know the difference!  I am thinking it is partly because on the weekends when it is time for your morning nap, I am often times still in bed (thanks to your daddy for getting up with you!) so he'll bring you into bed with me and we cuddle for another hour!  Ha!  You usually fall to sleep immediately if I am snuggling with you.  I love our Saturday morning snuggles, baby girl!  But I know those ladies at day care can't be happy about it!  Ha!
When we lay you down for your afternoon nap, you think it's snuggle time again and you scream and scream, no matter how tired you are.  I finally will go in and pick you up and you snuggle right in and go to sleep in two seconds!  Stinker!  I usually can lay you back down though, and you stay asleep for a good hour and a half to two hours.  Night time is your best time... I think you just must be tired and ready to go down because you will take your last bottle around 7:00 and go straight down, no fuss, and you sleep until 6:00am.  I just kiss you and put you down and you go right to sleep.  It is amazing!  It seems like last month or the one before it, you were still waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to play!  Thank goodness you have moved on from that phase.  At least for now!   I love how you sleep clear over on one end of the bed!  Silly girl!
You are interacting so much more, and showing us that you understand what we are saying.  You love to play peek-a-boo and you will play it all on your own.  Your favorite time is after your bath, when I have you on the changing table.  You pull the towel up over your face and wait for me to say "Wheeere's Kerigan??"  Then you pull it down with the biggest grin on your face!  It is the sweetest thing!  We play over and over and over!  
You also love to clap.  You have figured out how to do it and you do it all the time!  It is pretty funny!  My favorite thing is that when I ask you for a "kiss" you will lean in, open mouthed, and plant one right on me!  You totally understand the word "kiss" because you do it every single time.  It is just precious.  I can't get enough of those slobbery kisses!
Your big news is that you are now walking behind your little lion!  It was Andrew's lion and he learned to walk with it.  I love to watch you just grab the handle, stand up all by yourself and take off!  You are so determined and proud of yourself!
One day I caught you pushing this little chair around the house and I realized you wanted to walk!  So I went to the basement and got the little lion out for you and you were so thrilled!
Much better than the chair!  Ha!
This smile just pretty much describes you and who you are, Kerigan.  You are the sweetest little girl.  Everyone comments all the time on how smiley you are.  You just exude joy!  It is so fun to watch.  
We love you little dolly!  To the moon and back!

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