Wednesday, May 23, 2012

upcoming cath and cute pics

I am getting so behind on blogging... the end of the school year is a few short days away, but for some reason it feels like months!!  Ha!  I still have to post about Mother's Day, Andrew's other preschool graduation, and his T-Ball games!  But for now, I just wanted to let everyone know what's ahead this week for Andrew.  And intersperse it with some cute pictures to boost it up a bit!
Andrew will be having a cath this Friday in Iowa City.  He had a cardio appointment at the beginning of May, and everything looked "stable."  However, back in September at his last cath, we didn't get the most promising news, and doctors still wanted to see us back in 6-9 months to see what more they could try to do to widen his stubborn pulmonary arteries, and lower the pressure in his heart.
 This has been planned for a couple of weeks, but Andrew caught a little bug last week (why does that always happen right before all of his surgeries and procedures??)  I think it was strep- he was put on an antibiotic so I didn't think they would want to go ahead with the cath.  But I talked to them this week and they said it is safe to proceed with it.  So he is second case on Friday morning.  I will be updating as much as I can.  However, with Kerigan now added to the mix, there aren't as many of us staying in the room with Andrew so I will be by myself with him overnight.  
In the meantime, we'd appreciate any prayers you could send our way!  For a successful cath, and also for the interventions to work, once and for all!
Do these two not just melt your heart?
She smiles like this at her brother pretty much all the time.

You can just see here how much he adores her, can't you?
Thanks for your continued prayers!  If you want to go back to read the results from the last cath, you'll see why we are more than a little nervous about this one!

Thanks for praying for that miracle with us!

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