Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kansas City {Legoland}

After our lunch and exploring the dinosaurs, we headed back over to Legoland to complete our adventure at Crown Center for the day.
I had heard mixed reviews about it and I wasn't sure if we should go, but I am so glad we did.  It was really fun and I think it was worth the price (we got the combined tickets- aquarium and Legoland for small discount).  I tried to get them ahead of time online (which would have saved us not much money but waiting in line once we arrived), but this trip was spontaneous so all the times were taken that we wanted to go.  So we just got there early close to when they opened and got in the shortest line, then bought tickets for both.  You didn't have to use them at the same time, which is why we came back to Legoland several hours later and didn't have to wait since we had the ticket already.
There were legos everywhere!!
Andrew fit right in with his Lego shirt!  Ha!
They had a fun little ride where you could go around and shoot at the bad guys!
They had small displays of all kinds of things made of legos- so neat!
My favorite was the Emerald City and Munchkin land!  
Everywhere you went they just had these big play areas with huge legos, smaller ones, etc.  All kinds for all ages.
They had a huge kid play area with slides and tunnels, etc (like McDonalds playland, but bigger) and once he went in there I thought he'd never come out.  I could not get him to stop for a picture.  Once I finally convinced him to come out, he found his new favorite area!
It was so funny, as I was watching him in the play area, I was thinking I wish he would enjoy doing something like this, but I didn't think he would!  I was so wrong!  He and daddy built a couple of cars and raced them!
This was probably Andrew's favorite part of Legoland!
He'd get so excited, go get his car and bring it back and do it all over again!

While he and daddy played, my girl and I got a snack!  Even the signs were made of legos- so cute!
She fell asleep playing with her hair (this is how she goes to sleep for every nap and every night- I love it!)
And of course daddy had just as much fun as Andrew!  Ha!
Having fun building his car with daddy
There really was so much to see and do- we stayed there for several hours and had a great time.

The other ride they had was Merlin's bicycle and you pedaled and went up in the air (similar to the Dumbo ride at Disney).
Andrew loved it!
He also stopped to build some things while we were waiting in line for the movie to start- yes they had a movie too!
Here was the ticket taker!
It was a 4D movie, where your seats moved a little bit and you got splashed a few times.  It was fun, even Kerigan was mesmerized!
Just lots of neat lego displays
There was a little kiddie area for Kerigan and she loved it!

She and Andrew even went down the slide together!  She had a blast!  After Legoland we headed back home and stopped for dinner along the way.

It was so fun taking this little mini vacation together as a family.  Now that the routine of school has started, I enjoy looking back on these memories and will look forward to when we can go back.  I'll be posting about Andrew's first days of school soon!

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