Saturday, August 4, 2012


Normally I like to do my posts in order, but since I had so many vacation updates I didn't get to post them before Kerigan's birthday.  So now I'm going to rewind and share a few posts of what we've been up to since we got back!  First, I had several people ask about how I made the Minnie/Mickey ears for Kerigan's party, so thought I'd share a few quick pictures.  I must admit I first began by using craft foam and thinking I was just going to attach it to a headband somehow, but it was not happening.  I had to resort to looking online because my idea was not panning out!  I found this tip and tweaked it (by making it easier!)
One website suggested using regular felt and cutting circles with foam and putting the foam inside the felt.  Why not just get the heavier duty felt and remove the tedious step of cutting a million circles out of foam?  These didn't need foam inside!  I just used a circle pattern and left a small area for the headband.
Just use the glue gun on one side and press together
No glue on the non-circle section so the headband can slip through and press tightly.  Once it's in the right place, put a dot of glue to secure the ear to the headband.  Another time saver?  Buy headbands that are already black.  Why waste time wrapping/gluing ribbon around a colored one?  I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.00 for a 2 pack.  Totally worth it.
One extra step for the little Minnie's...attach a bow.  I just tied a bow and used the glue gun to attach it.  I liked it better on the side than in the middle.  But either way works.

Andrew was my official Minnie ears tester!  Ha!  Kerigan was napping when I did my first one so I wanted to make sure everything was placed correctly!  Wallah!  You have Minnie/Mickey ears made easy!  And they were so cute on all the kids at the party!  My kids are still wearing theirs around the house for fun!

We borrowed a bouncy house from a friend and the kids had so much fun in it at the party.  I didn't put Kerigan in then because #1, I was too busy at her party to really watch her and #2, there were so many kids I was afraid she'd get trampled.  But the night after her party, we had left overs and still had the bouncy house so Uncle Jay, Aunt Rachel and the kids came back over!
And we ALL got in the bouncy house! (Yep, even me!)
And let me tell you, it was so fun being a kid again!
Kerigan just loved it!  She giggled and giggled!  She really liked it when I held her and jumped.  And the kids noticed that when the grown ups jumped, it made them bounce much higher!  Ha!  Afterwards I felt like I had worked out for an entire day, but it was worth it!
Kerigan was so cute in the pool.  She loved the little slide!
She'd hang on and then let go and splash in the water and just giggle!
We even got the sprinklers back out (it was like the same party, but less people!)  And I feel like Kerigan got to do more.  She even went in the sprinkler!
I could not believe it, but she did it and she liked it!

It startled her a little bit when the water moved and splashed her face, but she kept right on playing in it and didn't shed one tear!  I love how my kids are not afraid of anything!
My beautiful one year old dolly... She is just delightful and fills us with so much joy daily!
Too bad the bounce house had to go back the next day, but we had a great weekend celebrating one special little girl!

Lots more summer fun to come...

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