Sunday, August 5, 2012

Little Miss {one year continued}

Since I'm backing up, I wanted to share some of Kerigan's first year pictures.  She is actually almost 13 months old- I can't believe it!  She has grown so much and is really starting to communicate more and more, or at least...she tries!
Kerigan, I have always used the word "spunky" to describe you, but this month it seems even more appropriate.  You are just full of spunk, I love it!  You are fiesty and you don't let anyone (your brother especially!) take you down!
It is so fun watching the two of you.  Lately you have been "chasing" each other around the kitchen island at full speed.  You will just fly around the corner giggling and squealing, it is so funny.  Andrew is liking the fact that you can play with him more now.  You got the Little People Zoo for your birthday from Ga Ga and Papa, and Andrew will not leave it alone!  He takes the animals from you and sets them all up and gets mad when you take them down!  I think it's hard for him to understand that now there are toys in the house that belong to you, not only him!  Ha!
It has been fun lately to see the two of you start to share more.  Just the other night you were actually sitting together by the zoo and playing with it together.  I loved it!  You both love each other so much.  When you wake up, Andrew is usually still asleep and when he comes downstairs a while later, you just go crazy!  You smile and squeal and yell BUBBA!!!  
You are so into pretty things.  Any kind of jewelry, and now it's shoes!  Even when you wake up in the morning you'll say "shoes, shoes" Ha!  At least that's what it sounds like anyway!  It cracks us up.  And you know that word because you use it in context too, so I really do think you are dreaming of shoes all the time!  Welcome to the world girl!  I can't wait to take you shoe shopping!
You are getting to be such a good communicator now!  You tell us what you want, mostly by whining and leaning or reaching for whatever it is, but if I ask you if that is what you want, you nod your head yes, and it is the most precious thing ever.  
You also say "all done" now when you are done eating.  You sometimes throw food on the floor but I usually get you to stop by asking if you are all done.  Then you nod your head.  Silly girl!  You also sign "eat" and "more" (you have done "more" for a while now).  The new thing you are doing is bringing us a diaper and wipes when you want your diaper changed.  We think that is pretty smart!
You started walking full time shortly after your first birthday.  You walked a lot up to that point, but you would still sometimes sit down and crawl to go faster.  Now, there is no stopping you on foot!  You just stand up and go!
For meals we are weaning you off formula.  You only get one morning bottle and one night time bottle now.  But you are taking less (6oz) so we know you are getting close to being done.  You eat three meals a day of real food (no more of that baby stuff!) and snacks in between.  You drink whole milk like a champ and have since the day we set it in front of you in a sippy for the first time.  You just downed it.  I think you are going to be a milk lover like your mama and brother!
You were being very dainty and ladylike with your cake, which was funny because you are normally not really like that!  This day you were not interested in your cake at all!
You have the most beautiful, captivating, blue eyes and you are the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen.  I could stare at pictures of you all day and most of the time I sit in wonder and awe when I watch you because I cannot believe you are mine.
You now have four top teeth and still two on the bottom.  My favorite thing is when you smile big enough for those top two teeth to show, but I haven't had much luck lately getting you to show them off!
You were so funny when you tipped the cake over...
You just threw your little hands up so cute!  Ha!  This cake platter belonged to my great grandmother.  The same great grandma whose dress we both wore on our baptism days.  She was a very special lady. Her name was "Mabel" and often times my mom calls you Mabel because your personality reminds us so much of her!  You are named after your great grandmother Irene, but you have Mabel's spunk!  Ha!
This is a perfect example.  You were not having it!  This is your face like "are you kidding me mom??"
Then you just cross your legs and give us this little stinker smile and we just have to laugh.
This is just too funny for words.  You were so mad and would not touch your cake (very unlike most babies during their smash cake photo session!) and so I took your hands and shoved them in it!  Ha!  You did not like it one bit!
You recovered well!  Ha!  You are just so funny.  I think while these pictures don't show any huge smiles, they capture your personality at 1, perfectly!

I tried to take you outside and get some good ones right after your birthday but it was so hot out, almost unbearable.  Daddy was tired of entertaining you and Bubba wouldn't even come outside!  I was sweating bullets and just gave up!  But you did give me some cute poses once in a while!

You were pretty much on the move and obsessed with the neighbors dog more than the camera!

I thought this one was so sweet.  You are not too fond of grass, but you are getting used to it!  You definitely love to explore!

Seriously?  You are eating your bow instead of the cake!  Ha!
Sweet face!
Kerigan, now that you are one, you are going to continue to grow up and change so much right before our eyes.  You are a little person now, no longer that tiny baby we once cradled in our arms.  Your first year definitely flew by, but it has been so fun to watch you grow and change and become the beautiful little person that you are today.  

Every month when I added your picture to your monthly collage I would sit and dream about what you were going to look like as the months went on and you got closer to one.  I absolutely love how your smile at 3 months and 11 months is exactly the same.  That just shows that is truly who you are, Kerigan.  You have always been the smiliest, happiest and most laid back baby.  You fill us with joy every single day.
And as I filled in the last spot tonight, I could have never dreamed one year ago what a beautiful and precious little girl you would become.  Inside and out.

We are so blessed.

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