Thursday, March 7, 2013

a t-rex named sue

Anyone who knows Andrew knows he is obsessed with Dinosaurs.  He has loved them since he was practically a baby.  So when we found out that our Science Center was going to be displaying an exact replica of the real Dino Sue, we knew we had to go.
Totally appropriate that the reading series we are using in our third grade curriculum at school just happened to have a book about Dino Sue that was a couple weeks before we were going to go.  I brought it home so I could read it to Andrew and he was so excited!
They also had a dinosaur movie on the IMAX theater- do you think he could be any happier?  Ha!
And even better... his cousins Evelyn and Jayden came too!  I'd say he was in his happy place right about now.
Kerigan loved it too, as you can tell!
She was pretty serious, but she wasn't scared a bit!

Sue's head is too heavy for the display so they have to use something lighter weight and they display the real head in another location.  It is amazing how big it is!
Having fun at the IMAX!  And if you go to an IMAX movie in the future, just a tip... you have to sit in the way back at the very top!  It's the only way to get the full experience and not have to crank your neck back by looking up the whole time!  We love it!
While we were at the IMAX, Daddy and Kerigan hung out in the little kid room, which Kerigan absolutely loved.  Her favorite things were this ramp where the balls went around and around, and this grocery food conveyor belt.
She loved picking out all the food and putting them on the conveyor.  She is at such a fun age for the Science Center right now.  She loves just exploring everything.
The animal room has lots of neat animals like snakes, turtles and fish- and a cave with bat sounds!  Kinda creepy but the kids love it!
These turtles were in an interesting position- ha!
One of Andrew's favorite things is always racing the lego cars.
He also enjoys making rockets and shooting them off!  So fun!

Kerigan just had a blast with everything!
We had to stop back at the dinosaur exhibit on the way out and do some digging for fossils.
More dino exploring...
I love how she's pointing and her mouth is open wide!
My little man with Dino Sue
Kerigan found a friend in the gift shop she wanted to take home!  Ha!
Afterwards we picked up Buffalo Wild Wings, so yummy!  And Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jay and the kids came over for dinner and some Just Dance on the Wii U!  Ha!
They were making me laugh so hard!  All the kids were so into it, Kerigan was fascinated!
My favorite was Craig and his brother just grooving away!  Ha!  I was cracking up and taking pictures and they finally made me do it, too!  Against my will, but I did think it was fun once I got going!  What great exercise!
After that we had to relax and Kerigan talked her Aunt and Uncle into reading her some books!  Her favorite thing right now!
I love how relaxed she is!  Ha!  She loves her Uncle Jay (her Godfather, too).  He thinks the world of her too, they are quite a pair.  We are so blessed to have them all just across town and the kids can grow up together.  We have so many fun times with them!

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