Sunday, March 31, 2013

daddy's birthday

I know, I's Easter.  And daddy's birthday was at the beginning of the month.  But that's how behind I am and I am nowhere near ready to post Easter pictures from this weekend yet, so I'm playing catch up... again!!

We had a fun day celebrating daddy's big day.  Andrew loves birthdays, no matter whose it is!  So he gets especially excited.
After school daddy took Andrew to Taekwondo so Kerigan and I made daddy a special dinner (Taco pie- one of his favorites!) and a cake while they were gone.
After we ate, Ga Ga and Papa came over for cake and we opened presents.
Andrew was so excited to get daddy a Skylander, just what Craig really wanted- Ha!  (More like what Andrew really wanted!)  They play Skylanders together and so it's their "thing."
You can see how excited he was to give daddy some new pj pants!  I doubt they will take the place of his famous pizza pants, but it is worth a try!
My favorite was Craig opening the card Andrew picked out.  He picked out one with this gopher (from Caddyshack) and the card plays a song from that movie, which is one of Craig's favorite movies.  Of course Andrew had no idea, he just liked the gopher!  Ha!
This picture just makes me so happy.  Andrew absolutely ADORES his daddy.  Can't you tell?  They are best buddies.  I couldn't have picked a better daddy for my kids.  We are all so blessed!
Kerigan was scared of the card at first, but then she totally got into it and kept walking around with it saying "That's funny!  That's funny!"  Over and over!   She would take turns walking up to all of us and showing us and saying "That's funny!" 
You can tell, she wouldn't put the card down!
Daddy's cake- it's one of his favorites.  Better than....well, you know.  We just called it chocolate when Andrew asked what it was!  Ha!
Staying up late eating cake with Daddy and Papa.
Look how happy Andrew is!  He was just so excited about Daddy's birthday.  He had been talking about it for weeks!  
It was way past his bedtime, and he wasn't really asleep here, but I thought it was so sweet how he cuddled up on daddy like this.

Daddy did get some decent presents, mostly from Ga Ga and Papa!  Ha!  But I know he would say that he has everything he could ever want- the two most precious kids in the world!

Happy Birthday to the very best daddy!  We love you!

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