Wednesday, March 20, 2013

tea party

I am way overdue for an update.  I have no excuse except for the fact that...well, we've been busy!  And there are some exciting changes happening for our family (NO I'm not pregnant!) :) that I will blog about soon, but for today, I need to catch up.  And for the record, don't look for an update about me being pregnant, because it's not gonna happen!  Ha!

A few weekends ago Kerigan was invited to her first "friend" party!  And it was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
Don't they look like they could be little old ladies having tea together someday?
This was the sweet birthday girl, my friend Kate's daughter, Kenna.  She's adorable!  Her and Kerigan are also in the same class at day care and are about four months apart.
This face is just too much!  She was very, very serious when we first got there.  I don't think she understood what was going on and why she was seeing friends who she normally sees at day care!  Once I convinced her I wasn't going to leave, she had fun!
Seriously?  This!
I loved how the girls were laying on the floor coloring.
Why does she look about 5 years old to me in this picture??  She's growing up way too fast!
They played with Kenna's baby dolls and just had a blast!
Decorated cookies...
Mmmmm!  Kate made these awesome cinnamon rolls (made with ice cream!) and yummy kabobs with fruit and donut holes.  Everything was so precious and delicious!
The girls!  They got these sweet little hats as party favors!
This is her "not ladylike" pose!  Ha!

I love how she loved pretending to take pictures with the Minnie camera!
She's just like her mama!  Ha!
Say cheese!!

Kate, you threw an amazing party!  What a special day for Kenna and her friends to be able to celebrate together!  These pictures will be treasured always!  And happy birthday to the very sweet birthday girl!

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