Wednesday, December 18, 2013

catch-up: funny edition

So there is this running joke among my family and friends about me and working.  It's no secret that I absolutely love staying home.  I think like many others, I started getting the stay at home "fever" when Andrew was born.  It just so happened that staying home with him was necessary that first year to keep him healthy.  That year spoiled me so much (minus the 2 open heart surgeries, endless therapies, etc) but honestly, that bonding time with Andrew was something so special that I will treasure forever.  

Then I got to work part time for another year, which I also loved.  However I knew staying home permanently was just not in the cards for us.  So when Craig got his new job this year, I was so blessed to be able to stay home again this year, this time with my sweet daughter.  The agreement was that I would work as a substitute teacher in the district part time.
To say that I put off subbing is the understatement of the century.  With millions of boxes to unpack, and settling into our new home and town, I just had to wait until I felt ready.  It only took a couple of months, but everyone just cracked up when these shirts were the football team's slogan this fall!  When I saw it I almost DIED laughing.  Seriously.  There wouldn't have been many more appropriate shirts for me!  Ha!  
And I have to admit, I have enjoyed subbing.  The best part is subbing at Andrew's school.  I never knew how much I would love being at school with him all day, even though I've never subbed in his class, I just feel close to him and I love it so much.  We've even been able to go out to lunch together a few times when our lunch schedules match up.  He is the best lunch date.  It doesn't get much better.  And I think me and work would get along so much better if I could work in the school my kids go to.  I've never had that opportunity before, but I can see that I would absolutely love it.  So I am praying that in just the right timing, something will come along and I will get to still be with my kids, just not at home.  Another perk of moving here as a family and getting to all be in the same district.  I am so blessed.
And when there's no school, Andrew can accompany me to the hair salon for the day!  Ha!  He was so cute, happily entertaining himself with his movies and snacks.  He seriously sat here for 2 hours during my appointment.
And this sweet little girl... we have been so blessed by her day care this year.  It is one of the things I worried about the most because we left an amazing place.  Just another one of those things that proved to me that God knew what he was doing and is in control.  We have an awesome place for her to go and she is still learning tons and has 5 other little girls her age to play with.  I love the smaller amount of kids and her provider is a former preschool teacher- doesn't get more perfect than that.  She goes 2-3 days a week when I am subbing and she loves it.  This day was Disney Day.  Isn't her little dress adorable?  My friend Mandy made it- she is so talented.
We've been having so much fun with our friends Emily and Grace.  And this is what happens at an all girls and one boy playdate...
He is such a ham!  Entertaining the girls and making them all laugh.  That's our Andrew!
Kerigan wanted to be a Ninja Turtle too!  What's sad is she actually almost fits into the same costume Andrew just wore for Halloween- ha!
These two are just pure comic relief.  This is what they are doing while Craig and I have been working on house projects on weekends. We are trying to get things organized and I have been going through millions of my old boxes my mom brought over that were at her house from my childhood (seriously, my parents saved every single thing from my past, including every paper and story I ever wrote, everything I colored, and my old headgear.  Nice.  I was laughing hysterically when I found that thing!)
This was the funniest thing.  So Craig has had this plate ever since I met him.  I always teased him about it because he still actually uses it!  I always laugh because his rainbow is so drab and has such dark colors!  I almost died when I came across the plate that I made!!!  We didn't grow up anywhere near each other so I think it's so funny we both did this in school when we were 6.  I texted him a picture of it right away and we were just cracking up.  Isn't it so funny how we both drew ourselves, a rainbow and a sun?  I told him my rainbow was much nicer- Ha!
This is Sarah from Kerigan's old day care.  She offered to watch Kerigan one afternoon while we helped my mom and Jim move (she lives in the same town as my mom).  Kerigan was thrilled to see her.  They went out to lunch and to a movie.  
Craig had a little too much of moving at this point- Ha!  The kids were putting these toys on him and he had no clue.  I was cracking up.  We have all had enough of moving for a while!  Between our own move, and then mom and Jim's move, we are exhausted!  
At least we have these two to keep us on our toes!
It snowed for the first time in early November.  Just small flakes, but Kerigan was so happy.  She wanted to go outside and play in it!  So we did.
So of course we had to go see Frozen!  I am not kidding, I didn't think I could love a Disney movie as much as the Little Mermaid or Tangled, but this one takes the cake!  LOVED it.  We didn't take Kerigan thinking she wouldn't sit very well and I wanted to be able to pay attention, but we all want to go again so I think we will take her next time.  I think she'll love it!
We have been enjoying movie nights and popcorn at home!  She does pretty well in theaters but it depends on the movie.  She's most content at home watching her favorites...with her daddy and popcorn!
Before we put up her big girl bed it was sitting in the basement so one night we put the mattress on the floor and the kids have loved having movie nights on it!  So funny.
This cracked me up, one night Craig and I had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs and when we woke up it was late so we headed up to bed and as I was turning the corner I saw this!  It totally freaked me out!  He had snuck down and fallen asleep on the step since we weren't in our bed (he usually comes up to our bed!)  
And this is what happened one day when Daddy tried to lay down with Kerigan at her nap time.  He fell asleep and she was up and playing!  Ha!

More Christmas updates will be coming soon, I just had to get caught up!

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