Monday, December 30, 2013

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas!
I had to stop and remind myself the kids were excited when Kerigan came in our room at 6am ready to go downstairs.  Andrew was sleeping with Ga Ga and Papa in the basement and I didn't hear them yet (and seriously, it was still dark out), so I went down and got Kerigan some muffins and the portable DVD player to try to hold her off with "Tangled" until Andrew woke up.  We nestled her in bed between us and I was just starting to fall back to sleep when I heard Andrew charging up the stairs at full speed and burst open the basement door.
It was 6:09am.
I could not hold them off.  I think Kerigan would have been happy for a while longer, but when she saw Andrew it was all over.  They love to do their stockings first so I bribed them to sit and smile for one picture, as I'm still trying to adjust my eyes and not feel like I'd been hit by a truck after just hitting the hay around 2am.
The rest of the morning pretty much went like this.  I love how they are sitting back to back and digging in.  I could not keep up with picture taking.  They were both going full speed and taking no breaks in between.  I tried to get them to slow down with no luck.
Most anticipated gift of this year.  At the top of his Santa list.
Along with more Skylanders characters (bet you can't guess what his birthday theme is this year??)
Seriously, the house looked like this about 10 minutes after they started.  And it was all over before 7am.  We kept telling them if they went so fast there wouldn't be anything else to open, but they were on a serious mission.
Happy with her Belle and Cinderella "barbies."
After she had opened everything, she then started to play with it all.  I love how she sat here and read this princess treasury book.  She poured over every page and showed us every princess.
One of her favorite presents- Ariel!
She had asked and asked for a "baby" like this from Santa.  Her big girl friends Emily and Grace each have an American Girl doll that she is obsessed with when she goes to their house.  It's the first thing she wants when she walks in their house and she won't put it down the whole time we are there.  She calls them "babies," even though they look more grown up.  I debated and debated about getting her a real American Girl doll but ultimately decided she was still too young.  She has the AG Bitty Baby, which she adores and is perfect for her age.  At the last minute I found this at Target and it looks so similar I knew she'd never know the difference.  And I want to do the AG thing with her in a few more years when she's old enough to understand and appreciate it more.  The funny thing is, she has not been interested in this doll at all!  I am so glad I didn't spend all that money on the real thing!  Her bitty baby is still her favorite.
Andrew's exceptional ninja kick!  Ha!  Playing a game from his stocking.
She loved her Rapunzel tower!
And she got an amulet (yes, she's 2 and knows what an amulet is), and earrings to match her Sofia digs.  Pajama change #1.
We took a break from playing around 8 to eat a yummy brunch I made.  Egg bake, cinnamon rolls and cheesy potatoes.  After this, Craig cleaned up and I literally crashed on the couch for the remainder of the morning.  I say this every year, but Christmas Day is like my one day off a year (and maybe my birthday), where I refuse to clean anything and just sit and relax all day.  I literally NEVER sit down until at least 9pm or 10pm every night (I'm sure most moms can relate!) and I just love Christmas because I feel okay with sitting and taking it all in!  And more than anything, I love being home, and staying in pj's all day and not having to go anywhere.  And it's a bonus if it snows, which it did.
After my extended morning nap, we had round 2 of gift opening- this time presents from mommy and daddy.
Daddy got Kerigan a Dora glove and she was so excited about it!  She wanted to go outside and play catch.  In the snow.  And in case you are counting, this is Kerigan's 3rd pair of Pj's for the day!  Ha!  Every time she opens a pair she has to put them on.  She just loves pj's, but only ones with characters on them!  And I am loving that she is super girly yet still loves to play catch and get dirty!
I surprised my boys with a marshmallow shooter, which offered tons of afternoon fun!  
Really the gift was more for Craig.  Because he loves this kind of thing!  It doesn't take much to please him.  Ha!
Daddy and Andrew enjoying Skylanders Swap Force on the Wii U.

After more lounging and watching the kids play, we had a yummy dinner of left over beef stew and all of us bundled up and went to see the movie Frozen.
It is the perfect Christmas movie.
Andrew and I had gone a few weeks ago and I hadn't wanted to take Kerigan then, because she has been kind of a mess at movies lately and I wanted to be able to concentrate and watch it without interruptions.  But I loved it SO much, I just knew she would sit through it and I had to take her.  I wanted Craig and my mom to see it too and we all loved it.  Kerigan was mesmerized and sat through the entire thing without moving.  It was even better the second time.  I'd have to say it is probably one of my most favorite Disney movies of all time.

This is what Christmas is all about.  Joy.  The hope and peace and love that only comes from Jesus.  A baby born in a manger on December 25.  A baby born for us.
What an amazing gift.

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