Tuesday, December 10, 2013

turkey day

I am slowly getting caught up on updates- my goal is to have them done before Christmas because I'll have a ton more by then!  I thought I would write about our little Thanksgiving.  I didn't take a ton of pictures.  Mostly everyone was in their jammies all day and just relaxed at home!

The night before Thanksgiving, mom and Jim came to spend the night.  Andrew loves it when they come to stay before holidays.  Mom and I took Kerigan shopping with us for a few last minute things for turkey day.
I can't get over these little carts at the store.  They didn't have them where we lived before and they are just perfect for her.  She always asks if we are going to the store where she can "help" and push the "little carts!"  Ha!
Papa and Andrew continued their tradition of prepping the turkey to be ready to pop in the oven the next day.
Andrew gets a big kick out of it!  He loves to eat all the Thanksgiving food, which I think is so funny, because on a regular day, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't touch any of it!
The next morning we all woke up and had a light breakfast and mom and I started preparing for our big Turkey lunch/dinner.  I couldn't believe I really didn't take any pictures, but we were busy!  Our meal was delicious, and we ate in the dining room and Andrew got to use our special wedding china like last year and drink his milk out of a wine glass.  Big stuff!
Another tradition we've started is going to Disney on Ice.  It comes every Thanksgiving week/weekend but the only day it really works out for us to go is Thanksgiving night.  Tickets are cheaper, and it gives us something fun and special to do that night as a family.  I love it!
The kids were so excited this year because we were super close to the front!  Only a few rows away.
Watching Peter Pan and the gang flying!

The princess was entranced by Ariel!  I love how she's just making herself comfortable!
More Peter Pan and Captain Hook!
The kids loved this- we were so close!!
We had to crack up about Craig jamming to Mary Poppins tunes!  Ha!

It was such a great show!  It's the next best thing to being at Disneyworld!  Now if only they'd do character meet and greets before and after the show we'd be all set!  Ha!
Kerigan absolutely loved Minnie and Daisy.  She never took her eyes off the show for one second!
It is always so fun to see the joy on their faces when their magical little world comes to life right before their eyes!

More from the weekend coming soon!

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