Friday, December 27, 2013

santa & his elf

We took our annual trip to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa this year.  Over the years and after trying many different places, this is our favorite.
There are so many fun things to do while you are waiting, and they have a really organized system so you don't have to wait forever in line.
I can't help but see Ralphie here... you'll shoot your eye out kid!
They always love pretending to ride on these!
Andrew used to freak out about this bear.  There was a time he would not go near it.  Times have changed- ha!
Santa's talking reindeer.  I actually got Kerigan to stand by it but the picture didn't turn out.  She was a little unsure but she's getting more and more brave!
Doing a craft while waiting for Santa
This cracks me up!  She's like, "you're gonna make me do what?!"  We had totally tried to pump her up for Santa's lap.  I had been talking about Santa for weeks, telling her how nice he is, and that she is going to have to tell him what she wants for Christmas.
She was waving at him, and seemed happy and excited... until...
We started walking up to him and she freaked out.  Ha!
You will never see me in photos with Santa holding my child.  I am not that nice.  Ha!  I LOVE crying Santa pictures!  Call me mean, but I think they are the funniest things ever!  I just plopped her down and ran away with my camera!
I think it's so fun to look back at all the pictures.  I think this was probably the last year we will have any crying pictures, and I think I'm a little sad about it!  Ha!
It made me laugh because after about 30 seconds she stopped crying, smiled and told Santa she wanted a baby!  Ha!  I think she just got over the initial shock!
Then on our way out she was making friends with the elf.  She called him "Santa's friend."
I just look at these pictures sometimes and wonder what is going through her little mind!  Ha!
Sooooo funny!
Speaking of elves... we've been having more fun with Buddy this year!  The kids were so excited when he showed up and have excitedly run around the house looking for him every morning.  Thankfully mommy has remembered to move him every night Buddy has made it back from the North Pole every morning!  This day he turned our milk green!
One night Andrew spent the night at Ga Ga's and Buddy had a party in his room while he was gone, and changed his sheets to his Elf on the Shelf sheets!
Andrew couldn't believe they had a popcorn party without him!  Ha!
They were watching the Elf video and reading Christmas books!  Andrew loved it!
And he loved sleeping in his sheets so much he fell asleep reading!  Sweet boy.
One morning Buddy showed up with plushee pals so the kids could play with them and cuddle them and they wouldn't lose their magic like the real Buddy!  What a perfect invention!
Buddy got himself all wrapped up one night after I had wrapped gifts and left all the paper out!
We can't believe it's almost time for Buddy to fly back to the North Pole with Santa!  I know Andrew especially will miss him.  He wrote a 2 page letter to him one night when he was staying at Ga Ga's.  It is so sweet how much he loves him and gets into his antics!  It is so fun being a mommy and getting to watch the magic happen for my kids.  There's just nothing like it!

More posts from Christmas coming soon, I just had to get caught up again as usual!  Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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