Sunday, June 1, 2014

first and last

I cannot believe that first grade is over.  At this time last year, I was so worried about Andrew, coming out of Kindergarten and not feeling like he was ready for first grade.  We had to move in the middle of the summer, he would have a new school and new teacher.  
This little man had an amazing year.  I could never have imagined a better year for him.  We were so grateful for his amazing teacher, Mrs. Nichols.  I believe that God brought us here for a reason, and she performed this miracle in the classroom.  Seriously.  
A miraculous change happened.  Andrew did more than just show growth this year.  He jumped an entire grade level in just a few months, and ended the year reading already on a 2nd grade level.  Miracle.
I was blessed to be able to go in on the last day and help his teacher with a pizza party.  These are his sweet friends, Isaac and Eli.  It was so cute, they went through the line first and sat down at a table that quickly filled up so there was no room for Andrew when it was his turn to sit down.  Andrew didn't complain or say a word about it, he just went and found an empty table and started eating.  A few moments later, Eli and Isaac decided to move to Andrew's table.  It was so sweet it almost made me cry. And look how happy Andrew was about that!
This made me laugh out loud.  Yep, my kid is the messy desk kid.  For some reason, I always knew he would be.  I have no idea how he ever managed to get through the year with his desk like this.  It gives me anxiety just looking at it!  Ha!
I was looking for a lost library book so I started taking everything out of it.  He was mad that his Skylander folder was bent- Ha!  I told him that could have easily been prevented!  
It was so sweet, he got in the car when I picked him up and just started to cry.  He was looking at a paper that his friends had written all their names on, and it made him cry.  He kept saying that he was never going to see them again.  I think he was a little worried because we had moved last year after Kindergarten, and also the year before that he had changed schools.  I tried to explain that we would be back again next year, but he was still upset because his classmates were going to be split up again.  So sweet!
Here's to an amazing year, buddy!  And let's hope 2nd grade is just as awesome!
And this little girl...

I didn't get a great picture of her on Andrew's first day of school, but you can see how much she's changed!  Amazing!
This was her on the last day of Treehouse in the 2yr old room last year.  How did I blink and she just grew up!?
She had a great last day at Ashley's!  We had a family picnic with all her friends and their families.  Most of these kids (minus the boys) will be at Ashley's again next year, so she is happy about seeing all her friends again!

Ashley has decided to take her daughter to preschool in the fall so she gave those of us who will have 3 year olds the option of going too, and she will do the transporting.  So we decided that Kerigan is more than ready and excited about school.  This picture was so cute because she just looked a little unsure!  Ha!
But I registered her and we got to meet her teacher and see her classroom and she was acting so shy!  She was funny.  You could tell she was so excited but just didn't know what to think.  Her teacher is awesome, I love her already!
She was confused because she didn't need her backpack and I think she wanted to stay and play!  I keep telling her it will be here before she knows it!  My sweet baby will be old enough for Preschool.  Where did the time go??

On the last day, Craig and I decided to surprise the kids with a party!
I found this awesome slide on a great sale so I bought it to surprise them and I know we will use it a ton this summer!
I invited their friends from school and lots of families we have met this year and become friends with.  Andrew was so happy to see Isaac, after he had been so sad just before this, thinking he would never see his friends again!
The kids just had a blast on the slide!
The kids could see it from the street when we drove by and they could not get home and get into their swim suits fast enough!  It was so fun to see their reactions!
Kerigan and her sweet friend Lily (Ashley's daughter).  It was almost a little chilly, so she changed into her wet suit!  But then she didn't like it and wanted her swim suit back on- Ha!
I loved having all of our new friends over!  It feels like we've known them all for years!
These sweet friends happened to be old sorority sisters of mine back at Iowa State!  They are both doctors in town!  I couldn't believe it when I heard they lived here too!  Lynne (left) has 3 boys, one Andrew's age, and Alison (middle) has 3 girls!
These are her daughters- I subbed in their classes this past year and have gotten to know them, they are so sweet!
This is the amazing Ashley (Kerigan's day care provider who has become an awesome friend!) and Amber, who also moved here at the beginning of the year last year.  Her husband took the middle school principal position, and they have 3 boys, one is Andrew's age.  So we have all had fun getting to know each other this year!
I loved this view of our house from the back.  Lots of friends, kids, grilling... it doesn't get any better!
They just wore the pool out!  Ha!  They were in it all night long, even as it got cooler.  It was a hit!
Kerigan took her sweet little friends to her room once it got dark!  They had plenty to entertain themselves with!
We started up the fire and had s'mores.  It was a perfect night.

This is one of Andrew's sweet little friends from his class
This is honestly what I had dreamed about when we moved here.  Hosting a big party with all the friends we had made.  I didn't get pictures of as many people as I wanted to!  But we had about 50 people.  It was such a special night.  And I realized our house was perfect for entertaining, which I was visualizing when we bought it.  

(Kerigan reading with Emma, the high school principal's daughter)

A perfect way to end the last day of school and welcome summer.

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