Friday, June 20, 2014

daddy's little princess

I'm just getting caught up on updates, so rewinding back to Father's Day...
We had breakfast on the deck- it was such a beautiful morning!
We did a lot of just lounging around.  Kerigan was making sure daddy was comfortable.  Ha!

This little girl has most definitely stole her daddy's heart.
She was watching him mow the lawn.  In her tutu.

This was Craig's face when he saw what Andrew was wearing.  Ha!
I made him take it off for one nice picture on Father's Day.  But Kerigan wouldn't take off the princess dress.  
They loved giving daddy his card and gifts.

Papa and Ga Ga came over to grill out and after baths just for fun mom and I put sponge rollers in Kerigan's hair.
It's a little girl's rite of passage, isn't it?

I didn't think she would sleep in them, but she did!
And she woke up with some gorgeous curls!

My big grown up, almost 3 year old.

It was a fun, relaxing Father's Day!  We love you daddy!

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