Sunday, June 29, 2014

lake memories

I'm backing up a little to the beginning of summer.  One of Craig's cousins got married in Clear Lake, which is where Craig and I were married.  Our reception was even at the same place, so it was so fun to get to go back to "the place where it all began!"
When we got there Friday night, we took an evening boat ride, which is almost my favorite kind.  It's cooler, not as many boats out, and the lake seems so peaceful.
Driving with daddy
We cruised around the whole lake and it was a perfect night.
We brought the boat in and went out for dinner, and afterwards went back to the beach to enjoy the beautiful evening.
He loves building sand castles...
We stopped to see our family's brick.  We have been going to the lake since I was born.  It's so special for me to get to take my kids there now.
Our brick is just a short distance away from the beach, and also from where Craig and I got engaged.
Our favorite... Cookies Etc!  What's better than a cookie shop along the beach??  Not much!
We went swimming with our cousins back at the hotel before bed, and again the next morning.
Silly boy!
The next morning we had time before the wedding so we took Craig's brother's family out for a boat ride!  I have to comment on Andrew's Snoopy life jacket.  Yes, it was mine when I was a kid!  Nevermind it's dirty and a little moldy... it's vintage!  Ha!  Evelyn is also sporting one of my old life jackets.  We always keep extras on the boat and Andrew needed a new one because Kerigan is wearing his old one now!  
The kids love to anchor the boat near the beach and swim to shore and make sand castles and play along the beach.
 I love this picture so much.  This is the place we had our reception in Clear Lake, 11 years ago.  It was even the same weekend as our wedding.  It was an unbelievable feeling to be back here with our kids.  We have driven them by it, but we had never gotten to all go inside, and dance, just like we did on our wedding day.
The Surf is the neatest place.  It's where Buddy Holly played his last concert before his plane crashed.  It's quite a landmark.  And this picture of my kids standing where we stood on our wedding day just gives me goosebumps.
Flashback to 2003.  In this picture I was dreaming about the sweet little boy and girl above... the little family I always wanted.  All of my dreams have come true.
I always loved their pineapple wallpaper!
Our wedding was decorated much different than this (we had a tropical theme, with palm trees and umbrellas, etc). but this is an idea of what it looks like inside.
As usual, Andrew found his 2nd cousin, Ellie.  His favorite dance partner at weddings!
They could not have been cuter, sitting here like this just chatting.  I couldn't help but flash forward about 10 years.
Kerigan loved dancing with her Uncle Jay!

What a special memory of a very special day we will always enjoy sharing with our kids!

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