Sunday, June 8, 2014

little miss {almost 3}

I had to get this posted before it is actually time for her 3 year update!  I cannot believe my baby girl is almost 3.  I am not sure where the time has gone, but I know that our family has never felt more complete, and we have had the most fun 3 years ever!  Kerigan adds so much spunk, and joy, and fun.... for ALL of us.  Including Andrew.  He is so happy he has a sister, and when I see the two of them together and how much they love each other, I just want to burst with happiness.  Those two are what life is all about!

This little spunky princess is just getting to be too much!  She has a mind of her own, and I can already see that it's going to be "terrible threes" rather than "terrible twos."  I remember it was the same with Andrew.  She is more independent, more sassy and more naughty than ever!
She has to be first.  For everything.  From getting in and out of the van, to going down the slide at the park, to giving us hugs.  If Andrew comes in the house first and gives daddy a hug, she will flip out.  She stomps her foot at us quite often, which is just funny to watch.  Oh the drama.  I now understand what everybody meant when they said girls are way more dramatic than boys!
I love this attempt at a sassy pose
She finally decided in her own time that she was done with diapers and pull ups.  She hadn't been reliable before when asking to wear her underwear, so I was reluctant to try it again (I'm tired of cleaning my floors, and I'm almost out of spot remover... seriously).  But she was insistent.  So one day we put underwear on her, and she kept them dry for a week and half straight (yes, we still changed them in between!  Ha!)  She was SO proud of herself.
I bought her some new Sofia the First underwear, and it was all over from there.  She was not getting those dirty because she is obsessed with them!  She also earned a Rapunzel doll she had been wanting. If you ask her why she got it she will tell you "I go potty like a big girl!"  Thank goodness I never have to buy another box of diapers again.  Craig and I are talking about how much we will save will almost pay for our vacation later this winter!!  Ha!
Her independence... oh boy.  It about puts me over the edge some days.  She must have her hair a certain way.  Lately she likes braids.  I realized braiding is like riding a bike, you could go years without doing it but you always remember how!  Her hair is french braided along the front in these pictures but it's kind of hard to see.
She also has been liking "one pony in the back" lately.  We decided to let her hair get a little longer for the summer so we can put it back when it's hot.  I am all about short hair on little girls.  I love a darling little bob.  But I'm still waiting for her hair to get a little fuller, and thicken up so it's a little longer for now.
So for now, when she goes to the hair salon with mommy she just likes to chill and watch Frozen on the iPad.  Ha!
The child refuses to nap anymore at home.  So we just usually go on about our day and don't schedule around them anymore.  Too many days was I feeling pressured to get her to nap so she wouldn't be tired for something later that day/night, and I just had to give up.  So we go with the flow.  And obviously, if the girl is tired enough she will sleep anywhere!
Bedtime is a struggle.  Gone are the days where we could lay her down, kiss her goodnight and leave.  She sleeps with these tiny little toys, Sofia, Amber, James, or those magiclip princess dolls.  I have given up organizing them, they are strung out all over the house.  And it never fails when we get to bed she wants certain ones.  And I can never find them.  And she's not happy with substitutes.  One night she'll want Sofia and Amber, the next night she'll want Ana and Elsa.  I can never predict so it's not like I can keep them handy for bedtime!  
(Another no nap day, so she fell asleep with the iPad)
Her stalling is just perfection.  She wants a story.  Then a drink.  Then another story.  Finally I get the lights out and start to leave the room.  Then she has to go potty again.  Then she wants a different song, or a different CD.  Then when I finally get out of there, she yells for daddy.  And she wants all the same things from him.... book, drink, potty, etc.  I could go on and on.  And daddy is pretty much wrapped around her little finger.  He is so smitten with her, I love to watch it.  Never have I seen Craig more soft than when his little girl is around.
This is her trademark uniform (minus the hat, gloves and shoes).  She must wear this nightgown.  All the time.  She flips out if I make her get dressed.  And she will not nap in clothes.  Only these pajamas. She doesn't even like her pajamas with Dora, or princesses, or her other Sofia ones because they all have shorts.  Apparently we can only wear nightgowns.  But they have to have Sofia on them.  
When we do wear clothes (or when the Sofia jammies are in the laundry, which she is never happy about), she changes clothes 265 times a day.  From different pajamas, to princess dresses, to clothes from her drawer.  She will pull all the drawers out of her dresser and mess them all up, and put on different things all day long.  It drives me insane.  Seriously, it's exhausting.  Craig says I just need to empty them out and keep her clothes somewhere else.  I'm afraid she'd be scaling the walls if I put them out of her reach.
She will usually oblige when anything with princesses is invloved in her clothing.  I just loved this sweet little princess dress I found for her.  She wore it to a cousin's baby shower and looked so precious in it!  I had to do a little photo shoot.
For those of you who didn't know me when I was this age... this was me.  To a tee.  She is my mini me.
My sweet little princess... while you keep us on our toes and want to make us pull our hair out somedays, you are still just made of sweetness.  You have a kind and caring heart.  You are so loving, and you just melt my heart with the things you say.  You are a perfect little dolly.  My very own dolly.  I love you sweet girl!
And why does she look 12 in this picture??  Oh my goodness.  I saw it and couldn't help but picture her going to her 8th grade dance or something!  

And just like that... next month she'll be 3.
She's so excited because when she's 3 she can do everything that big girls can do.
Like go to preschool in the fall.
And dance class.  She cannot wait.
She keeps telling me "Mommy, when I turn 3 I can go to school, and I can go to dance class!"

Time needs to slow down!!

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