Wednesday, June 29, 2016

road to nationals {city museum}

This is one of our favorite places!  We love the City Museum!  It is so unique and creative, an amazing place to explore and make your brain work in such a fun way!
We woke up early the next morning and got there super early when they opened so we could have a smaller crowd, and beat the heat as much as possible!  You may notice my kids are in jeans when it was like 100 degrees.  I think you'll see that it's because they spend a lot of time crawling around on their hands and knees!
When they opened we headed straight for the rooftop!  While it was still cooler (in the 80s) and not too many people.  Parts of the museum are outside and part inside.
There just aren't a lot of words to describe it.  Last year when we visited the first time I had researched it and was freaking out about it.  I almost didn't want to go, but it looked so intriguing I thought we had to try it out.  And I'm so glad we did!
Tunnels everywhere that lead all over the museum.

Stepping stones across water... figure out how to get across!
An old school bus on top of the building!
On our way back inside,  to head to the other outside section, we got distracted by the caves...
It was nice and cool in here!
More tunnels...
My camera wasn't doing the best in the dark, but this gives you an idea.  They suggest bringing flashlights for the caves, which we used the ones on our phones quite a bit!
The tunnels in these caves are just amazing.  The kids would enter one, and disappear.  Then after a while they'd show up in another place, sometimes another level of the museum!
Finally we rounded them up and headed to the outside section in the front of the museum.
More unique and crazy structures to climb on!
And pretty much everything ended up near a slide so they would slide down, then climb back up.
The fun part is figuring out where the entrance to all the slides are!  Do you see them climbing across the cage up there!?  They are heading to the slide on the left.
And on their way down!
Kerigan above, Andrew below
She is extremely high off the ground right now!
Here he was inside an old airplane, also on the tenth story of the building.
Kerigan was a lot more brave this year and wanted to do everything her brother was doing.  She did a pretty good job keeping up with him!
Up she goes!
Exploring the castle!
I am not kidding, this place has everything you can think of.
Back inside we found these awesome slides
They have a little train ride that takes you around through these little settings that are so fun to look at.
I loved this little camper!  We definitely saw things and noticed things we didn't notice the last time!
My baby going down the monster slide!
After this I think it was about 15 minutes before we saw them again!  Each time we were in a new area we would just sit down and tell them where we were so they could find us!  They were really good about checking in often.
While we were waiting for our pizza at lunch time, they played some more!  Do you see Andrew?

One last climb before heading home!
We timed it so we would be in Iowa City for dinner before heading home.  Here we are about an hour away!  We were ready for showers and bed in our own beds!

We had an awesome vacation celebrating our girl.  It was fun to have an excuse to travel this summer as we had to postpone our Disney trip due to our move next month.  Too much to pack and get ready for our transition.  This was a nice way to begin the summer before the craziness begins!

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