Wednesday, June 22, 2016

road to nationals {foxfire mountain}

After checking out of the Wilderness Resort, we drove up the mountain to Foxfire Mountain Adventures.
We didn't know what to expect, and we ended up having a great day, even though it was super hot!
They had all kinds of things you could do like Ziplining, hiking, etc.  I had researched it and just knew I wanted us to walk across the biggest walking bridge.  We didn't know what else we were going to do so we just explored.
They got really into this story!
Writing their wishes...
They got their walking sticks ready to walk the bridge!
World's largest walking bridge!
They made it!  Do you see the little door at the bottom of the rock?  For the mountain elves.  The kids were loving this and totally buying into it.
First, they hung their wishes and rang the bell so the mountain elves would grant their wish.
Ringing the bell
Then they wanted to do this...
Kerigan's cairn
Andrew made his family :)
They loved these bridges and trails

This was another small walking bridge
So then we heard there was some hiking where you could see waterfalls.  Let me say this bluntly.  We are not hikers.  Ha!  On our honeymoon I will never live it down but I hiked to the top of Diamond Head in flip flops.  This is not my thing.
But I do love waterfalls!
A mile felt like an eternity.  But it was like perfection to be standing here, getting the mist from the water and it felt about 20 degrees cooler.
Totally worth it.
Resting after our long (HOT) hike!
Then in another area they had a little obstacle course set up for kids
I'm telling you, this is totally Andrew's thing right now.  He loves doing stuff like this!
Kerigan enjoyed it too!  She will attempt anything her brother does!
Don't touch the ground!
Then at the end they got to do a mini zip line, which was enough for them!  I knew Andrew would love doing the bigger, long zip line course, but I only wore flip flops and Craig is afraid of heights.  Plus it was a million degrees outside.  So we settled for this and will add it to our bucket list for another time!
After our day hiking in the mountains of Tennessee!
May all your wishes come true!

On to Knoxville!

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