Thursday, June 23, 2016

road to nationals {knoxville}

After our long day on the mountain, we headed to Knoxville to meet Ga Ga and Papa!  We checked into our hotel and went swimming right away!  It felt so good after being so hot all day!
That night we showered and went to walk around Knoxville and have dinner.
Love these two!
This was a pretty little park on our way to dinner
Kerigan had spotted this "big microphone" (she called it! Ha!) and we discovered you could go up inside it!
So of course we did it!
At the top of the big microphone, aka Sunsphere.
Then we walked around the neat areas downtown by our hotel.
It was a beautiful area!
We were staying at the Holiday Inn which connected to the convention center where Kerigan's competition was.  I knew I wanted to be super close so we would only have to walk there in the morning.
They had these neat fountains right outside!  The kids wanted to run through them!

So I am going to skip the competition here and move on to the evening when we drove to Nashville with Papa and Ga Ga!  The competition gets a post all on its own!
So that afternoon after Kerigan competed, we headed to Nashville.  The kids went swimming and had dinner at the hotel with Ga Ga and Craig and I got a date night!  We tried to go to the famous Bluebird Cafe, but realized you needed a reservation and there was a huge line.  So we settled for the Cheesecake Factory instead.  It was nice to get out and celebrate our anniversary coming up!
 We brought back ice cream and just enjoyed a relaxing evening!
Which of course, included pie face.
This was Ga Ga's first time playing and the kids were loving that she got pie face every.single.time.
Ga Ga is such a good sport!  I'm pretty sure she'd do anything for these kids!
They even coaxed daddy into playing!
He's a good sport, too!
We are big fans of this game.

Although I've noticed pretty much the only times we play it are in hotels!  I'm thinking that's my subconscious way of getting out of making messes and having to clean it up!  Ha!
The next day we had to say goodbye to Ga Ga and Papa as they were heading home before us.  We were staying another night and touring in Nashville for the day.  It meant so much to us (and especially Kerigan) that they made the trip to see our girl perform at nationals.

Up next... the USTA Nationals!

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