Wednesday, July 18, 2018

birthday surprise!

The next day was the day before Kerigan's birthday and I had a big surprise for her.  We left Craig's family and headed to check into a hotel... when we walked in the lobby look who was there!!
It was just about the best birthday surprise you could imagine.  Her bestie!  All the way in Minneapolis!
She was missing Avery so much and could not have been more excited to see her.
Their little reunion was just precious and I was so grateful Avery's mama and my friend Meagan could swing it!
They checked out the pool for later!
And were really excited about this view of the hot tub out the window!
Next stop... the Mall of America!
They hit the ground running... literally!

They rode all the rides... 

Kerigan loves the new show Double Dare so she was so excited to see this- but then they weren't performing so she was like whaaaat?
Meeting some Nick Jr. characters!
What is cuter than Spongebob in goggles and swim trunks?
They just enjoyed everything so much, but especially being together!
Next up was dinner!

And more exploring

They love Lego friends!
Silly girls!
Then it was back to the hotel to hit the swimming pool!

They had a blast!
A view of them from the room- Ha!
They both got matching slippers at the mall and were so excited to wear them!
They couldn't be any cuter.  Seriously.

All snuggled in for more birthday fun the next day!

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