Thursday, July 19, 2018

american girl birthday

This girl woke up as a 7 year old and it was time to celebrate!
Let me reminisce about how precious this chubby cheeked baby was!  I blinked and she grew up.  But no matter how much time has passed, she's had that sparkle since day 1.
These sweet girls woke up the next morning and enjoyed chatting on the patio by the pool outside our room! We got ready for the birthday girl's special day and headed to...
 the MOA!
We met Ga Ga, Papa and Daddy and this girl was so excited to celebrate her birthday!
She was pretty excited to see this guy, too!
A sweet little hug for Papa
Ga Ga too!
We shopped around the American Girl store for a while before our reservation and Kerigan picked out her birthday gifts!
I wanted to get her an AG doll pretty much since she was born (ha!) but I waited until she was older so she could appreciate and enjoy how special it is.  She's had a Bitty Baby (which she loves) but lately she had been expressing interest in getting one of the real dolls so today was the day!
She picked the Truly Me doll that looked like her and named her Keri :) (After Ga Ga, and herself).
The girls had appointments to get their dolls hair done and ears pierced.
They loved watching the style take shape!

Oh how I love this sweet 7 year old!
The day was so special with her bestie there too!
We headed upstairs for our reservations for lunch and tea
Only at American Girl do they have chairs and dishes for the dolls too!

Kerigan opened some gifts from Ga Ga and Papa

I wasn't very good at taking pictures of the food but they brought out a cute tiered tray with goodies!
These two have the sweetest relationship- they are like sisters and are so lucky to have each other!
And I'm blessed Avery's mama is a friend of mine too!  The fact they live right next door to us is just icing on the cake!
And how many Daddy's and Papa's go to lunch at the American Girl store?  These two would do anything for this girl, and she wanted them to come!  So they were such good sports and joined in on the fun!
We were missing our boy at camp, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't sad he missed lunch at AG! Ha!
One of my favorite pictures of the day.  Two besties with their besties!

This is 7
It was such a special celebration for our special girl!
We had to get one last picture on the farting slime before heading back to the hotel to swim!
After getting back to the hotel, we swam, showered and grabbed dinner out.  Then we came back and opened presents on the patio!
She had been wanting the Little House on the Prairie series so she was so excited to get the boxed set.
All tucked in with her doll on her first night as a 7 year old.

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