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March is a busy month for us with birthdays!  Craig's birthday is on Friday and my cousin Kelsie's is the day before.  We always celebrate Kendra and Kelsie's birthdays, and Craig's together at my grandma's every year.  Craig always loves eating off pink plates and eating a girly birthday cake! :)  Ha!
He just doesn't get birthday gifts like this, either!  I guess when you get old you don't get this kind of treatment anymore!  Sorry honey! 
Andrew took all of this in.  He went with us shopping for the girls, and he kept saying "Happy Birthday!"  The kid loved his birthday so much, I think he thought it was his birthday again (or at least he hoped!)  He was so sweet when they opened presents.  He just sat there and stared at them.  Would you believe he never once tried to dig in and open any?  
He was such a good boy.  He mainly sat there with this serious look on his face.  You could tell he really wanted some presents!  Ha!  But he never touched theirs.  It was so sweet- he knew they weren't his to open.  Have you ever been at birthday parties where all the kids just dig right in and try to "help" open the birthday child's gifts?  That drives me nuts.  I was so proud of Andrew for not doing that!
However, once they were open, he dug right in!  We bought my cousin Kendra a doctor's kit from Andrew.  Appropriate, don't ya think?  It was the hit out of all the gifts!
This was the funniest part of the night.  After gifts were opened, he went right over and plopped down at the head of the table like this and kept asking for cake.  He'd smile and say "Cake, please?"  It was adorable.  We were all cracking up at him.
"PLEASE???"  He figured if he wasn't going to get any presents, he better get some cake!  Ha!
The birthday "kids!"
The cousins all have a blast playing together.  They are so cute, they all fight over who gets to play with Andrew!  They all want to pick him up and chase him all over the house.  He loves every minute of the constant attention!
He loves to play up on their bunk beds.  He climbs up and down the ladder and just thinks it is the coolest thing ever!
Kelsie and Andrew
This is my grandma with all the kids.  Andrew is the only great grandchild.  Kolton, Kelsie, Kendra and I are the grandchildren (but I was too big for this picture!  Ha!)  As you can tell, I was the only grandchild on this side of the family for 25 years until Kolton was born.
Andrew's Great Gran is very special to him!
One happy boy!  And it wasn't even his birthday!

Andrew seems to be doing a little better.  I like to think the breathing treatments are helping.  As you can see, we're bribing him.
It is too funny.  My grandparents used to go to McDonalds every day for lunch and get happy meals.  They did it for years.  They have boxes and boxes of happy meal toys stored in their basement.  When we were there last weekend I went through them.  It was so much fun!  It was like shopping for free!  They had tons of the Tarzan toys and Toy Story toys (and tons more!).  I stashed a bunch of them into a sack for Andrew.  The other day I got out the Tarzan ones as he was watching the movie, as a reward for being good for his treatment.  He went nuts!  He said "Oh WOW!  The elephant!"  I am saving the Toy Story ones for his Easter basket.  I also thought about saving a few back as rewards for going POTTY, which he is doing more and more at school these days!  Nothing like a little bribery, right!?
Check out that stash!  Has anyone else noticed they just don't make McDonalds toys like they used to?!

Happy March!


Stefenie said...

OH Andrew!!!! This update was hilarious seeing Andrew with his stash of "bribe" toys! Hey, whatever it takes Jen!

Craig, what's the matter with pink plates and pink cake? LOL!!! I get to eat off of leftover Transformer plates on my birthday. It's okay!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

From the Kitchen said...

What a lovely party. I've just done a blog on two little friends of mind who are heart patients. If you have a chance, please check it out. I'm hoping that it will reach many who are not aware of just how prevalent CHDs are.


From the Kitchen said...

Jen: Thank you for stopping by. I simply cannot count my "blessings" (two healthy boys) without being aware of those precious children who are not born as healthy. Anything I can do to advocate, I will. I want these illnesses researched and eliminated if possible.

Your "little monkey" is adorable. I look forward to getting to know you better and hear good news.

Usually my blog is about cooking or reading or just connecting. You can count on it also letting everyone know how little "roses" and "monkeys" are doing from time to time.

Oh, and my boys are grown now and married. I miss those little boys a lot but enjoy the adults they've become.


Olivia said...

What fun, adorable pics!
Hey, nothing wrong with a little bribery! We're doing a bit of that with the Easter Bunny and going potty!

Take Care
The Spencers

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