Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just monkeying around!

We've been having some fun around here!
It's finally spring!
Over spring break when we got home from Chicago, we had a couple of nice days together before we had to go back to work.
And we made the most of them!
Andrew loves riding his bike to the park.  He lifts up his legs and coasts down this ginormous hill!  He goes way too fast for mommy to keep up!
He was so happy to be at the park again!
It had been waaaaaaay too long!
We found Andrew could do things at the park that he couldn't do last year!
 Like hang upside down!
He's just growing up so fast!
He even wanted to swing like a big boy!
But it was more fun with daddy!
Andrew is such a big boy now that he even got moved up to the 3 year old room at his day care ("school #1")
And he loves it and has been doing so good!  He isn't being naughty anymore!  Ha!  We think he just needed to get in a room with some older kids who were better role models for him.  He's doing great at his preschool too (school #2!)  He goes 4 mornings a week.
This is what we spend most of our time doing at the park!  Chasing!  Ha!  He ran about as far as he could go and threw his hat in the weeds!  He must have been hot!
He was too tired to ride his bike back home!  Ha!  Luckily we don't live that far away!
This works fine as a family of 3 when daddy's along so Andrew can ride on his shoulders and I can carry the bike...unlike the next day when daddy cleaned the garage so mommy took Andrew by herself!  He just didn't get why I couldn't carry him and his bike!  We had to call daddy to come help us!  Ha!
We brought out his newer bike from last year, but he still can't reach the pedals!
He doesn't care!  He just likes to walk it along the sidewalk!
I wouldn't let him ride this one to the park though!  Not yet!
We did lots and lots of playing outside!

In other news... we need some prayers!  Have you forgotten about the debate about the tubes and adenoid removal??  We basically had!  He's been to the pediatrician twice in the last month and both times his ears were clear (in addition to the appointment in Iowa City at the beginning of March).  Back then we scheduled his surgery, just in case he still needed it, but we were hopeful that things had cleared.

Not so much.

Monday at his school he had another hearing test, and it indicated fluid in the left ear.  I was just about to call and cancel his surgery when I got the audiologist's report via email.

The surgery is still on.  It is scheduled for this Friday!  Yikes!  Not much time to prepare... but we will manage.  We will have the surgery performed in Iowa City, mainly due to the increased risks with his heart condition, and the adenoids because they add a little more complication than just the tubes.

So, for once we're heading to Iowa City for nothing related to Andrew's heart!  There's a new one!  Of course we are dreading it, but we are praying for a speedy recovery and no complications.  Please join us in prayer!  We are also praying this may help with some of his reactive airway issues- we are still doing breathing treatments 4 times a day.  I am praying that by removing his adenoids, it will cut down on his congestion and he'll be able to breathe easier (his main issues are at night when he wakes himself up coughing!)

I'll be updating the blog and our care page (link on our left sidebar) on Friday.  The care page sends an email immediately when I update, where the blog it takes a little longer to notify you (if you are an email subscriber).  You can click to follow my blog (on the left sidebar) and you'll get notices on your blogger dashboard when I update here.

Thanks for your prayers!


Stefenie said...

I love the upside down pics of Andrew. Too funny! Looks like he enjoys the park just as much as Logan does.

I'll be thinking of you guys and sending up many prayers for a smooth tube and adenoid surgery on Friday. I'll be in touch. Let me know if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

I love that it's finally getting nice enough to take the kids outside. Great pics of Andrew at the park! Praying for a smooth surgery and quick recovery!

Tina, Bryan, and Brielle (HLHS) LeMire

Joye said...

Love the pictures!! I haven't gotten around to finishing out our story from last week but, basically, I can already tell a difference in Ethan! For as long as I can remember, his breathing has been so "snotty" sounding. Now, even with a little cold, he sounds GREAT! I can only imagine how it will help Andrew with the breathing treatments.

Y'all will be in our prayers on Friday, for sure!!

RHONDA said...

He is such a cutie! Loved Loved the pics..Don't you just look at him and think..WOW!! I know I do!
God is so Good..I will be sending Prayers up for Little Andrew and you too!!


Maggie said...

Andrew is in our prayers. I had no idea this was going on! I pray that it helps with everything and that Andrew recovers quickly. I will check your blog on Friday. We miss you guys so much and think of you often.

kinsey said...

hi mrs huegel its kinsey i luuuuuuvvvv the cute pics of andrew r u going to b showing them in class??????????????????? i think u should ill b coming in to the blog on friday to check in since u wont b at school. by the way can we have the sub that we got last time????????????

your favorite student

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