Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Daddy


Today was such a fun day.  I had the day off because conferences were this week.  So this is my first official day of spring break!  I especially enjoy spring break because I get to spend it with my hubby and son, too!  It just wouldn't be the same if Craig had to work (the benefit of a teacher hooking up with another teacher!  Ha!)  Craig had to work today though, so Andrew went to preschool in the morning, and then I picked him up early and we took lunch to Daddy at school.  Andrew kept saying "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" the whole day.
When we got home, we baked daddy a special birthday cake!
Does this look dangerous to anyone else?  The whole egg ended up in the bowl, I had to fish it out!  Ha!  At least it didn't break!
As you can see, Andrew got really into helping me.  He kept saying "I helping!  I helping!"  He wanted to do everything himself.  Don't tell me we are getting to that stage already!
Mr. Independent
 This face just screams "trouble!"  Do you like his shirt?  (Besides the big wet spot where I wiped up cake batter!) "My dad's the Big Kahuna."  Yeah, we had to put that on to wear to daddy's school today!  Craig never tells anyone it is his birthday.  It's okay.  Andrew and I took care of that!
It was definitely the messiest cake I've ever made, but also the most fun and meaningful!  I just let Andrew dig in and help, and he made quite the mess!  I think next year at this time I'll still be wiping up splattered cake batter!  Ha!
When daddy got home from work we went out to eat at Andrew's favorite place... (even though Andrew was very upset we couldn't eat the birthday cake right away!)
He likes all the apples!  Ha!  When we leave he always says "byyyyyyye Applebees!"  really loud on the way out.  Usually people laugh.  It is pretty funny.
Andrew tried his first lemon.
And kept getting in trouble with mommy for touching the window blinds.  The entire meal.
Daddy opened his cards.
Then we lit the candles.  A group of 3 and a group of 4 (for age 34!)  I told Craig sorry, but I didn't want to light the house on fire!  Ha!
Andrew helped daddy blow them out.
 Andrew is getting really good at this!
A fun time was had by all!  Especially Andrew.  He is loving birthday celebrations these days!  He almost doesn't care if it isn't his own!  He's starting to get more into the cake than the presents anyway!  Ha!
Craig ate his cake on the special plate. (He would only let me take one picture, can you tell he's thrilled!)  Do you all know about the special plate?  It is such a cool thing for families to get.  There is a pen you can write dates on the back for special occasions the plate was used.  I used it for the first time at my Bridal Luncheon (it was given to me by my matron of honor, my best friend from college).  Craig and I both used it the night we got our Masters Degrees, and also on all our birthdays, and now Andrew's birthdays and Heartwalk parties.  It is so fun to look back at all the occasions and remember special times.

We are heading to Chicago tomorrow for a few days.  We have a new niece in the family!  Craig's brother and his wife had a baby girl, Abigail Lynn, and we are heading there to meet her!  We can't wait!  It's going to be a long drive, but I've got a bin of toys and DVD's for the car, so we should be good to go!  I'll update when we get back.  I'll probably have a picture or two to share!  Hahaha!
Andrew says...
See ya later, alligator!
(This is what we get when we leave him with Ga Ga overnight! Lol!)


Melonie said...

I love the pictures!!!! It looks like you had so much fun. It just made me smile to read the post.

connie and adam said...

His face looked so cute after the lemon. I bet it was so funny. Enjoy your vacation.

Stefenie said...

OMG all of those pictures were too funny Jen! Andrew sounds like Logan in the kitchen....only the egg he threw into our bowl for Oatmeal cookies actually broke. I spent ten minutes fishing out egg shells. LOL!!!

Hope you guys have a safe and super fun trip! ;)

Happy Birthday Craig!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

Party of Five said...

Happy Birthday Craig! Getting old! =) We have the red plate too. I actually have two because I have to have 2 for C & R's bdays. My mom used one for us when we were little too. I love them. Have fun in Chicago and say hi to Jeff and the fam. I saw pics and she looks just like all the Huegel babies!

RHONDA said...

LOl....He made that cake extra sweet by licking the spatula...LOVE IT!! I love the special plate idea too!
Thanks for making me smile Andrew...You are too cute!! I want to see more pics later ALLIGATOR!!


Ruby's mom said...

Sounds like you all had a great day! Love all the pics of Andrew baking (just like mommy)! The lemon-face was cute too! Hope you have a wonderful break!

Olivia said...

What adorable pics, Jen! Way to catch the moment! I bet Craig loved his cake, especially with it being made my Mama and her special helper. The lemon pic is priceless--ha ha!

Take Care
PS Where do you get the "special plate?"

The Spencers

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