Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

(I'm not sure "sprung" is a word, but I'm going with it!)

Andrew in his chef's hat from preschool!  They made bread one morning last week.

Well, I am on my 8th week home and am loving it more and more.  Andrew has been going to preschool a few mornings a week to get back into the routine a little bit.  I have decided that I definitely could be a stay at home mom if I got to take him to preschool for a few hours a day like I am doing now!  I at least get a few hours to get some things accomplished (it is replacing the nap time!  Since naps are a thing of the past around here now).  But the full time, not getting to go anywhere, being on lockdown kind of stay at home mom... not for me!  I just have to get out and about.  But this has truly been a wonderful time off, spending extra time with Andrew and just hanging out together.  I have cherished these days.  Next week they end as I go back to work on Thursday.  I have mixed feelings, for sure.  I am scared to send Andrew back into the world, but I know it needs to be done.  I think he'll be ready.  And I just keep telling myself there's only a few short weeks left before summer break so we can make it!  

Andrew is finally potty trained again!  It didn't take too long to get back into the habit, thank goodness!  That first week after surgery was so frustrating but short lived.  The stay in bed chart is also working wonders.  We had to tweak it a little bit because at first he flipped out the first morning we didn't give him a prize since he had to do it 3 nights in a row.  We switched back to 2 nights in a row because 3 was too much.  Two has been working great, and the other morning he even forgot about his sticker so I am hoping it's been long enough we can switch to 3 soon, and eventually stop the prizes.  I am running out!  Ha!  Craig and I are loving getting a full night's sleep!  It has been so wonderful!  The only thing I miss is cuddling with my little man in the mornings when daddy goes to work.  So I think I have taught him that it's okay for him to come in then!  At first he almost acted scared to come in our bed, like he wouldn't get his prize or something!  Ha!  But I didn't want him to feel like he couldn't come to us if he needed to.  I told him it was okay because it was morning and he could lay with mommy.  He is still staying in bed all night so I don't think he's confused anymore.  I am loving the cuddle time.  It is our special time where we can visit with each other.  He lays on daddy's pillow and looks at me and just smiles at me so sweetly.  Oh how I love that kid!
His new favorite place to hide and watch his movie!  Under our computer table!  Actually this worked out well for me to do a blog update!  I knew where he was and he was content for a while!  The only problem is he figured out how to turn the switch that shuts the whole computer off, so I had to cover it with the garbage can!  Stinker!
I loved this, how he has his arm around Buzz and is cuddling him, just like we do with him when he sits on our laps to watch movies.
I promise we do not watch movies all day long! Ha!  Most of these pictures he only sits for 5-10 minutes and then is off doing something else.  I just have to capture them because they are sweet!  This one cracked me up.  Sitting in his beanbag with Mike and Sully, watching Monsters Inc.
It is funny that he always wants the toy/toys to go with whatever he is watching.
This was so sweet.  The other morning he picked out Charlotte's Web to watch.  Next thing I knew, he had his barn out and was setting up all the animals in it, playing like it was the characters in the movie.  I thought it was pretty clever!
Like I said, he never does anything for too long... next thing I knew I couldn't find him again.  Hiding is his hobby these days.  I heard banging from the laundry room and he was shouting "Mommy! Mommy!"  I run in there and he had shut himself in the dryer!  I think he would have stayed if I had let him turn the light on!  He just loves little nooks and places to hide!
We've been working hard on baby sister's room.  Andrew is very interested in what is going on in there, and he loves going in there every day.  He calls it his "little tiny baby sister's room."  So cute!  By the way, do you love all my color samples?  Ha!  I had some serious issues picking out the right colors.  I think I was at the paint store 4 times getting different samples!  What a struggle!
We weren't really letting him paint, but he wanted to be in there watching daddy!  Craig has been working so hard on the room.  I am so grateful for him.  He very rarely has a night at home, and lately he's been coming home and getting right to work on painting.  I had a certain way I wanted it done- of course just one color on the wall would have been too easy!  Ha!  So it has taken some "steps" to get it done.
Our last finishing touch is the chair rail, which is getting done this weekend thanks to my brother in law!  He and Craig are going to work on it and we are all grilling out so the kids can play.  I can't wait to get it all done so I can start putting it together!
Andrew loved helping pull off the tape!
This was just way too much fun for him!  Ha!
Last weekend when daddy was busy painting, I took Andrew to the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt at our park.
There were so many kids there and it was so much fun!
Ready to go find some eggs with his Scooby basket!  (Side note- I realize it looks like he peed his pants here, but I promise it is just the photo and his shorts are darker in that spot!  Ha!)
He went running off to get the eggs, pulling up his pants on the way!  Ha!  (What's sad is that these are 18-24 month size and still too big around the waist!)

He just cracks me up... he'd find an egg and figured out how to look inside it.  When he found candy, all he wanted to do was unwrap it and sit right down and eat it!  Forget the fact that millions of other kids are running all around him collecting tons and tons of eggs!  Ha!  He was content with his 2 or 3 pieces of candy!  I kept telling him to hurry and go get more and he'd get more candy!  He didn't quite get it!  Ha!
Unwrapping his candy.  I think he got about 6 eggs total, and one of them I picked up for him!  Ha!  We've got to get better at this!
Big cheesy smile!

It has just been gorgeous weather lately.  I have more to update on later... we had a photo shoot at the park the other day!  And tomorrow we are going to visit Red Robin (aka the Easter Bunny!)  Ha!  I just love spring and this time of year!

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