Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Scientist

Andrew and I shared a special day this week.  I got to go on his preschool field trip to the Science Center!  It was so nice because I drove separately so that we could stay longer since I knew it would be such a short time otherwise.  I just kept thinking how lucky I am to be home with him right now, because if I had been working, we never could have done this!  It was such a fun day.
I walked him on the bus so he could ride with his friends.  He pointed to the seat next to him and said "Sit here mommy!"  It was so cute.  He told me he wanted to ride with his friends and he was okay with me driving separate, but I guess he forgot when he saw me get on the bus!  Ha!  I couldn't not take a picture though!
 I beat the bus there so I watched him get off.  It was so adorable.  I just couldn't get over what a big boy he looked like, getting off this huge bus with all his little friends.  Time goes way too fast!
 Looking at a dinosaur fossil.  This reminded him of digging the fossils with daddy!  He was so excited!
 I love this picture of his "shy" face.  He is not shy very often (it doesn't run in the family!  Ha!) but when he sees himself on TV he gets all shy.  This is part of the Science Center where they do the news at noon, and kids can be on TV.  They are always fascinated with this!
 Looking at the snakes... NOT my favorite part!  Ha!
This cave was neat.  It had sounds like there were bats in it, etc.  Andrew was a little creeped out at first, but ran right in when his little friends went in!  He wasn't so sure about the deer on top!  Ha!
 The egg drop was a highlight of the day!  You wrapped up this big (fake) egg and sent it up to watch it drop and try not to "break."  
 It just fascinated Andrew!
 He loved watching it go way up high, then fall down!
 He just laughed and skipped around so excitedly!
 He loved this part too- putting balls in the different baskets and seeing where they ended up!
 This was fun- you could put your hand in on one side and it would pop out on the other!  Andrew thought that was pretty cool!

 Doing a little "grocery" sorting!  He loved turning the wheel and watching the food go up the ramp!
 And what's more fun than giant bubbles?!

 The kids got to touch some different animals... a salamander
 And a snake! Yikes!  As I was taking this picture I was thinking he is so brave because his mommy would NEVER do that!  Ha!  And I attacked him immediately after this with antibacterial wipes!  Ha!  I'm sure the other parents and the teachers thought I was nuts, but there was no way I was going to let him run around with snake juice on him!  Ha!
 Having fun in the water!

 He also loved this part- making a rocket and getting to launch it.  I love this picture of him putting it on the tube.
 He did this over and over again!
 Playing with dominoes...
 He also loved this- sending three balls down the slides and seeing which one got there fastest!  I think he looks like such a little scientist here... discovering and learning!

 I think my favorite part of the day was when Andrew and I got to hang out and stay at the science center after his little friends left on the bus.  He was excited to get to stay with mommy and have a special day.  We ate lunch at the cafe together and had the best time.  He was telling me what his favorite things were.  After lunch we bought tickets for the IMAX movie!  He was so excited!  They were showing one about ocean animals, which I knew he'd love.
 While we were waiting for the movie, we went back to a few favorite spots to play some more!

 My little "date" was getting annoyed with all my picture-taking... just like his daddy!  Ha!
 We got popcorn and M & M's for the movie and had to dig in while we were waiting!
 He loved walking up all the steps to the very top row.  An IMAX secret is that the best seats are in the way top, way back.  The screen is at eye level and you don't have to look up the entire time!
 Andrew was thrilled with the movie.  He munched on his popcorn and never took his eyes off the screen!

This cracks me up.  Our ride home he was crashed in about 2 minutes!  Headphones and all!  He didn't even notice I shut his movie off in the car so he just kept wearing the headphones and slept the whole way home!  We had such a fun day together!  I loved hanging out with my little monkey.

*I have to include this side note for record keeping purposes... ha!  Last night Craig and I were watching our shows and I just had a feeling that he'd be able to feel our girl kicking... sure enough!  For the first time you can feel her giant movements from the outside and I love it!  Craig was excited too.  I always think it makes him feel more a part of it when he can feel her.  I'm officially 26 weeks tomorrow!

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