Monday, April 11, 2011

Red Robin

Have you all seen the new movie?

It's so cute!  We took Andrew over the weekend and he is now obsessed with anything and everything "Hop!"  Including the Easter Bunny.  Funny story... a few weeks ago we took Andrew to another favorite place to eat...

We love to eat here.  They have the best burgers and awesome kids meals.  Anyway, Andrew likes the video games and things up front so if he eats a good meal then we let him play with the stuff.  They have that machine, you know, the one where you have to "grab" a toy and no one EVER wins??  Inside the machine they had another one of his favorite things...
The minions from the movie Despicable Me.  I have never seen these at stores, so of course we had to try for one.  Daddy didn't succeed in "grabbing" one with the claw!  Andrew simply thought we could just go to Walmart and buy one!  Ha!  (Good thing he doesn't know about Ebay yet!)  Anyway...  I kept telling him that maybe the Easter Bunny will bring him one.  

Somehow he got confused.  Because now he keeps saying "Mommy, Red Robin will bring me one of those Despicable Me toys!"  Um... Red Robin?  Yeah, as in the restaurant.  So now Red Robin is what we call the Easter Bunny.  Ha!  I thought the movie "Hop" might help him understand.  

But all he got out of that movie is that the bunny poops jelly beans!

So now we are obsessed with jelly beans too.

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