Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Last weekend they had a special event for heart families sponsored by the AHA at the Iowa Cubs game at Principal Park.
We thought we'd take Andrew to his first baseball game!
He loved it!  (Even though his stinker face here says otherwise!)
We visited the AHA tent for some snacks before the game.  Andrew gripped this cup of pretzels with all his might and would not share any!  Ha!  He insisted on bringing them into the game, which was not allowed of course. 
But as you can see, as he's shoving them in his mouth here...they made it in!  Somehow!  (Lucky mama has a big purse!)
This was about a month after his open heart surgery.  I just can't get over this little man's smile.  His personality.  His spunk.  He is definitely 100% back to normal, and as fiesty as ever!  Praise God!
He thought he'd try to be sneaky and walk away from us down the row of chairs until he got to some other people sitting there and realized he couldn't go any further!  So he just plopped down on a random chair and ate his pretzels!
"Coach" Daddy explaining the game of baseball to Andrew.  When I first met Craig he coached HS baseball.  He even got to wear the tight uniforms!  Ha!  I always enjoyed going to watch his games (and I wasn't watching the boys play!  TMI, I know... Ha!)
We did a lot of walking up and down the stairs and visiting the potty and concession stands...
He actually did pretty good sitting for most of the time.  There were lots of things to entertain him, like Cubby Bear and a giant duck!
He was there representing the Duck Derby coming up this month.
We can always occupy him with treats!  After the pretzels were gone, we went for popcorn- always a favorite!  Not sure what this face is all about... I think he was just being his usual silly self!
Hanging out with Ga Ga!

We walked way down to the edge of the field, even though these weren't where our seats were.  He wanted to see up close!
Cubby Bear moved his hat backwards and then he kept playing with it and turning it sideways!

These family pictures aren't the best, but he was being such a ham that this was too funny not to post!  It just makes me giggle!
That kid has the funniest expressions!  I swear, I laugh every time... he is so.stinkin.funny.
Andrew hamming it up with Papa!
Would you believe he actually crashed halfway through the game??  He must have worn himself out!  Ha!  The sun went under and it got a little cooler, and it started to sprinkle so we had to duck out a little early.  I was disappointed because the kids were supposed to get to run the bases after the game, but we had to give it up because of the weather.  Good ol' mother nature.  We headed out to eat at Spaghetti Works downtown and it was so good, so it was worth it!

We just had a great day together and Andrew loved his first baseball game!
"When can we come back mommy???"

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