Friday, April 15, 2011

Sawgrass Park

So it has been a long time since we've had professional pictures taken of Andrew.  I sort of promised Craig when we sprang for my new camera that I would take the pictures from now on, since we often spent what a nice camera costs on professional photos!  Ha!  I have some awesome new editing software I just haven't had a chance to delve into yet... and frankly,  I have been sort of nervous about doing the whole photo shoot thing, not knowing how Andrew would behave, and not wanting to get him all dressed up and go somewhere only to have it be a flop.
Typically this is the face I get, or he runs from me!  Ha!  So we went to the park.  I didn't really dress him up, I just "coordinated" him for our first try!  And we found a cool new park with much nicer scenery and something different than that in our own neighborhood.
Sometimes I feel like all the pictures I have of him are taken from our house, our park, or the same things over and over.  I wanted to do something different.
And I'm so glad we did.  Andrew was too!  Ha!
After all, he still got to play at the park!
He calls it the "Treehouse" park, and it is really cool!  It is sort of hidden back away from everything, and there is a little pond with a fountain, and a walking bridge too.
And you could even crawl up in the Treehouse!
I loved experimenting with different angles.  This is one of my favorite pictures, but it could be because I have always loved this kid's feet!  I love his little crooked toes, they are adorable!
Just chillin...
He tried to run away from me after this one, yeah behind him back into the bushes right by the creek.  That would have been real nice... pregnant me chasing him through the sticks and weeds!  Ha!  Luckily I diverted him with coins to throw in the water!
Works every time!  Except you can tell here that he's getting impatient with me!  Ha!  He had almost had enough of the photo shoot by now... but he really did great!
I loved this background with the stones.  Kinda felt like we were in Colorado there for a second... wishful thinking!  Ha!

He did really good posing the way I told him to.  I could tell he's getting older and actually listened to me... most of the time!
Every once in a while I'd get a shot like this!  Ha!  I mean, I can't just show you ALL good have to see some of the candids too, because out of about 100 pictures, most of the time you only get a select few good ones, and most of the rest look like this!  Ha!
Or this!  Ha!  This is just too funny... it is a classic Andrew face.  He's totally being himself here!
I saved my two favorites for last.  I love this one of him upside down.  
And this smile?  Made it ALL worth it!  This face is just my Andrew.  It shows his personality, and just speaks volumes to me.  This is the real thing.  My sweet, sweet boy.  Complete with the chipped tooth from when he face planted off his bike last summer.  I could just eat him up with a spoon!

So not only did we have a special afternoon together at the park, I made a photo shoot out of it too!  And I think they turned out pretty good for my first real try!  Maybe next time I will dress him up and find another place that looks like a vacation spot!  Ha!  

As long as there's a place to play!

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