Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Big Brother!

Andrew simply adores his baby sister...
He cannot get enough of her and he is very protective of her.
He loves to hold her, and he doesn't want anyone else to touch her but him!  Ha!
He loves her tiny fingers...
and tiny toes... 
and he always has his arms around her.  He calls her "MY baby."
He wants to take her home NOW!
He is very concerned about her "owie" (belly button) and he always rubs her face and her arms so gently.  Today daddy was burping her and he said "Be very gentle!"
He loves it when we tell her that she loves him and he makes her happy (because she is always content when he is around).  He is so proud of her.  His reaction to having a baby sister has already exceeded my expectations and he is handling it even better than I could have imagined or hoped for.
I can already see the special bond they will always share...

And it brings me tears of joy every time I see them together~
my two little miracles.

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