Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nursery and 39 weeks

Ahhh, the long awaited nursery photos!  I must say, this has been the most fun project for me the past several months.  And I am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  I am one of those people who has no rhyme or reason to my decorating method, I just sort of get a "vision" and I go with it!  I actually had Craig paint the walls before I picked out the bedding, or anything else, which is sort of a "backwards" way of doing it!  Ha!  I knew I wanted her room to be soft and sweet, with light, calm colors (Andrew's room was the opposite, bright and bold blues and reds, which I love for him).  I have always loved pink and green for a girl, so I just found a couple of swatches that I liked and went to town!  Ha!
I just knew what I wanted the walls to look like, so I figured I'd match the bedding as best I could.
This is a close up of the bedding- I did get it from Pottery Barn Kids, but I seriously exhausted every other option, and I had fallen in love with this the moment I saw it.  The funny part of the story is, I actually had another set of girls bedding from there because when I got pregnant with Andrew we didn't know if we were having a girl or boy.  I was in love with the island surf bedding from there at the time, and so I bought both the girl and boy sets at half off at the end of summer that year.  I always told Craig I'd return the one I never used, and I never got around to it.  So my debate was, do I use the pink island surf bedding that I already owned with this baby?  I had already used the boy set for Andrew, and I loved it so much.  But it was so him.  I wanted something new and different for our daughter.

So I just listed the bedding on Craig's List for the same price as this crib bumper I wanted, and it sold within a day!  So I bought the PBK bumper, and got the sheets at Babies R Us (they match just the same and were a lot cheaper!)  Then I decided to buy the PBK twin size quilt to match the bumper, instead of the toddler size quilt, which can never be used again (I still regret not buying Andrew the bigger size quilt!)  I mean, seriously, who really uses the toddler size quilt with a baby anyway?  So, this quilt will go on her big girl bed in a few years!  And we got the Euro sham and pillow to match (it won't stay in the crib, obviously!)
None of the furniture in the room is new.  I tried to save money on those things, and save it for the little "extras" I wanted (like the bedding and the rug splurge!)  The crib was actually mine when I was a little girl (and yes, it still meets the new regulations!)  Andrew used it, too and we just bought a new mattress.  This old dresser was my grandmother's and it was all scratched and discolored.  Craig cleaned it all up and repainted it and we added the pink drawer pulls.
I cut contact paper to put on the bottoms of each drawer so the clothes could lay on it.  I just love how it turned out.  And I love the dresser, because it has 8 drawers, and they are perfect size.  Most of all I love the fact that it was basically free!
This is her closet.  Craig added the shelves.  We put the same ones in Andrew's room and I have loved it, so I asked Craig to do the same in here.  They are perfect for big bins for hats, shoes, blankets, etc, and as she grows and the clothes get longer, you just remove a shelf!  We actually used one of Andrew's shelves since one of his was ready to come out.  There are also 2 shelves on top (Craig added an extra one) for her bedding, etc.
And you can't have a little girl without getting her a tutu!  Ha!
And little ballet socks to match!
And a bow holder full of big flowers and bows for her headbands and hats!  I made this one instead of spending $20 on the one in the store, and I like it better!
This lamp was a score at Hobby Lobby.  I just had so much fun in that store (a lot of the extras came from there!)  The lamp was pretty pricey, but there was only one left so I bought it and watched the sales for the next few weeks.  And when it went on sale 50% off, I just took it back and got a price adjustment! (Because everything at Hobby Lobby goes 50% off at one time or another!)
My sweet friend Lisa sent me a fun little girl package with clothes and goodies, and she made this special card that said "Daughter," which I loved, so I just framed it and hung it in the room too!
I fell in love with the switch plate cover (another Hobby Lobby score on sale!) and the little sign above it.  My mom used to sing that song "You are My Sunshine" to me when I was a little girl, and I will never forget it.  I was looking for the perfect touch in the room, and that saying jumped right out at me!
This was probably my other favorite find... the rug.  It was from Pottery Barn Kids also (again, I looked everywhere else!)  I have no excuse, and no, it wasn't cheap or on sale (Ha!) but I justified it because it is something she can always use.  Not to mention, you just can't beat the PBK quality.  It is so thick and soft and made so well.  Andrew still uses his rug from there too.  They last forever I swear!  This will for sure stay in her big girl room.
This dream catcher was given to me by my friend, Alissa.  It belonged to her daughter Lilly and she doesn't use it anymore.  I just love it!  It was the perfect thing to hang above the crib and bring the room together.
Did you all notice the little "hint" on her name in the first picture?  Here is a close up!  I also love how this turned out, so I didn't want to blur out the initial!  Ha!  These were old frames I had with Andrew's baby pictures in them.  One of them was broken in back, so I used that one for the initial and took out the glass.  I bought the wooden letter and scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and Mod-Podged it on.  The two frames on each side will be pictures of her once she's born.  I just put the paper in it for now.

I just love her nursery and I cannot wait to bring her home to it!  I love turning her lamp on in the evenings and picturing her sleeping so sweetly in there.  Sometimes I just go in and sit down on the old wicker rocker (that was also my grandma's that we had at the lake for years) and just relax and dream about having my sweet daughter that I have wanted my whole life, and all the fun things we will do together.  Sometimes I still cannot believe that God has blessed me this much.  We are already in love with our girl, and we can't wait to meet her.

39 weeks~ 2 days from delivery
I am combining two updates into one, since this will be the last one before she's born on Tuesday!  Tomorrow we have a special day planned, just the three of us, so I won't be blogging or at the computer at all!  Our day is starting by going out to breakfast at my little man's favorite place- IHOP!  I went ahead and had Craig take my last picture at 39 weeks.  I am thinking my belly won't change much by tomorrow!  Ha! I am definitely ready for this girl to come.  Last night I began having some contractions, but they were not spaced evenly and they come and go, so I don't think it's the real thing yet!  I am hoping I make it to Tuesday though, because my doctor is on call and I love her!  I also have a haircut and mini pedicure tomorrow!  Ha!  I'm sure it'll be a while before I'll have a chance to be pampered again!
This is my completed pregnancy progression chart!  Making it past these last few weeks have been such a blessing.  I've loved watching my belly grow and seeing my daughter's movements.  I always say last time I got "cheated" out of my third trimester.  This time, I'm sure feeling uncomfortable, especially the closer I get, but I am so blessed to have made it this far.

Of course I can't do a post without big brother!  Ha!
He was so sweet the other morning, when I came downstairs he had his elephant in the swing and he was being so tender and sweet with it.  He was treating it just like he would a baby.  He had his arm around it and was hugging it and tickling its feet.
It was too precious for words.  I know he will treat his sister like this.  I am really not worried at all.  He has been loving her so much lately, and touching and kissing my belly.  He is getting very excited for her to come and I think he senses the time is near.  I have been so emotional lately, thinking that tomorrow is our last day as a family of three, the last time the three of us will sleep in our house...just us.  Not that I am not excited to bring our daughter home, because I am!  It is just a strange feeling.  We've just been "us" for 4 1/2 years, so this will be a big change for everyone.  But like Craig said... "a good change."  And he's so right.
We took Andrew to see Mater the other day at an old gas station in town.  He loved it!  Totally thought it was the real Mater!  Ha!
We took our last trip to Walmart to get some essentials for baby... you know, like bottles, pacis, and spiderman getup!  Ha!

Check back on Tuesday for baby news!  And we'd appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery for me, and that baby girl arrives healthy and safely!  Thank you so much!

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