Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Drive-in" Birthday!

Last weekend Andrew was invited to his little friend Landon's birthday party.  The theme was a drive in, and it was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!
They had boxes for all the kids to decorate a car.  We did this inside because it was still pretty hot outside, but everyone had fun making steering wheels and wheels out of plates, antenna out of pipe cleaners and racing stripes out of cool duct tape!
I had to chuckle because of course, daddy got in on most of the work!
Andrew "helped" for a little while, but when he got bored, Craig continued the project.  Secretly I think he kind of enjoyed it!  Ha!
My girl and I enjoyed watching all the fun!  (Nice part about having a baby: it is your excuse to get out of doing things, like help build the car!  Ha!)
One more shot of my pretty island girl with her eyes open this time!
It cooled off enough in the evening to still enjoy the drive in outside.  Seriously... are these little cars the cutest thing ever?
I seriously laughed for a full five minutes at Craig's creativity with the car.  I'm not sure what the wing flap thing is in the back with the pipe cleaners sticking up, but the "back off" license plate put me over the edge.  Seriously.  I did fall in love with his humor back in the day!  Ha!
This cracks me up.  My kid is the one sitting in his car patiently waiting for the movie while the other kids are racing around the yard!  Ha!  What can I say, he does love his movies!
They projected the movie up on the "big screen" stapled to their fence.  So clever!
I just thought this has to be the neatest idea for a party theme!  Parents brought lawn chairs and the kids all sat in their car boxes!  I could not get over how cute it was!
The kids all got special movie treats, like big candy bars and popcorn.  It really was like a real concession stand!
Andrew was in his absolute happy place.  To him, popcorn, m&m's and a movie is just about the best thing ever.
Daddy was being humorous during my photo shoot, but I wanted a picture of him with Kerigan.  He is getting good at posing, dont'cha think?  Ha!
To top it off, they had s'mores too!  I was starting to get nervous that Andrew was going to go home with a tummy ache!  Ha!  Let me tell you, this party is hard to top!  They just had everything!

Glow sticks too... 
What a super fun birthday party!  And it even cooled off enough for us to enjoy sitting outside for once.  Minus a few mosquito bites, it was a fantastic time!  Happy 3rd birthday Landon!  We are so happy you and Andrew are such good buddies!

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