Sunday, July 24, 2011

first family outing

We have had a great weekend!  We are enjoying getting to do "normal" things with our healthy little girl!  On Friday we wanted to do something fun so we took the kids to the pool.  It was Kerigan's first pool trip- she slept the whole time!  Ha!
Bathing beauty...
It was a little hot, so Kerigan and I only stayed for an hour and relaxed in the shade while daddy and Andrew went on the big waterslides and Andrew practiced putting his head under water!  He is all set for swimming lessons this week- he can't wait!

I got a little camera happy (when don't I?  Ha!) but I just thought she looked so sweet in her little tiny swimsuit and cover up.  She was quite the hit at the pool!  She was just 10 days old.
We took her in the water for a brief time and splashed some water on her so she wouldn't be too hot.  She didn't really mind it.
Like I said, she still slept the whole time!  I thought about next year at this time she'll already be one year old.  I can't believe it.  I just know time is going to go so fast.  I just want to soak in every minute of her sweet little newborn-ness!  
After swimming we all went home and took showers and got ready to go out to one of my favorite places- Jordan Creek Town Center.  There are so many fun things to do and places to shop and eat!  I love going there.  We ate at Red Robin- daddy's favorite!  Andrew actually ordered a hamburger and ate it the right way!  Ha!
Kerigan's first restaurant experience! (Again, she slept the whole time! Ha!)

After dinner we headed to the mall and Andrew played on the mall play set since we haven't been able to go outside to the park much because of this heat!  Kerigan and I did some shopping while daddy and Andrew played!  I was loving shopping with my girl for the first time.  She pretty much slept!  Ha!  And I got some awesome deals at Crazy 8 (my favorite store!) a bunch of racks of clothes for $3.99!  You can't beat that!
I couldn't even take a good picture here because I was literally laughing out loud.  They have a "build-a-smurf" at the Build a Bear store right now.  They were giving out smurf hats and even daddy wanted one.  Ha!  I was laughing so hard at them, also because Andrew wanted one so bad and he kept saying "we'll have to come back and get this another day, right daddy?" over and over and over again!  I'm sure we'll be seeing that movie in a few weeks!
We got some ice cream at Cold Stone (another yummy favorite!) and walked around the lake.
Andrew threw rocks in the water and loved seeing the ducks.  We just had the best time!
We have been getting along great this week and settling into a routine that works for us.  Having daddy home has been the best blessing in the world to me.  I am already dreading him going back to work next month.  He sometimes has an evening game or activity at school, but he's been home in the mornings, and this has worked so well with Kerigan being up in the middle of the night.  I usually feed her at night, but then I get to sleep in and Craig gets up with both kids in the morning!  I am so blessed to have such a great husband.  Not only that, but he washes the bottles and mixes them up for me every time and lines them up in the fridge so they are ready to go.  He is just the best.
 This week our good friends brought us dinner, which was so nice!  I am getting so spoiled!  Ha!  They brought this cake and I was having a piece.  I had set it down on the end table and Andrew spotted it when he and daddy got home from running errands.  He ran over and just dug right in!  Ha!  He thought it was pretty funny!  (As I had to get out the spot shot to clean the crumbs out of the carpet!)
These two are just two peas in a pod...
Kerigan already adores her big brother
And he adores her.
He is always asking me "Is she happy?" and giving her kisses every time she cries.  When she cries he comes running to the rescue!
I am so grateful for my little monkeys!  

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