Thursday, September 15, 2011

andrew's antics

Well... there's been a change of plans!  Back to school = GERMS, which means Andrew picked himself up an ear infection and won't be having his cath tomorrow!  I'm sure he's really bummed about this (ha!) but in terms of rescheduling, etc, it is a huge pain.  He started getting cold symptoms, so I took him to the doctor and sure enough, that darn ear again.  One tube is out, but luckily the infection is in the one where the tube is still doing it's job so he's not too miserable.  So he started a course of antibiotics and ear drops so we hope he'll be in good shape soon!  We have rescheduled for September 29, so let's pray he stays healthy until then!  We have too many fun things planned to do to keep him confined for too much longer!  Thanks for continuing to pray for his upcoming cath to be successful in lowering the pressure in his heart. 

Now, onto an Andrew update!  Because he's been up to a lot!  And of course, I have to share more funnies... I think I'll have some in every update from now on, because this kid just comes up with the funniest stuff and I want to remember it all because I often have to stop what I'm doing to just laugh at the things he says.  Today we were in Walmart and I actually laughed out loud, stopped the cart to get a pen and paper to write down something he said!

•  One day we got home from his new tumbling class (pics below!) and he had also been at preschool.  We were on our way up to the bath tub and Andrew was moving kind of slow and I told him to hurry.  He said "I'm tired, I had a busy day!"

•  It seems like we are always rushing to get him fed before the bus comes for preschool.  He rarely sits still at meal times and is always up and out of his chair making excuses to not eat (potty, get a toy, etc).  One day I told him he better get back to the table and sit down or I was going to take his movie away (the one he was watching).  He came running over from the other room yelling "Noooooooooo!  Don't you dare!!!!" (where does he get this stuff!?  Ha!)

•  I love how he can watch something 100 times and he acts like it's the first time every time.  He's been really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately.  In one episode, Donald is hiding and Andrew just plays along and pretends he doesn't know where he is.  He'll say "I wonder where Donald went!"  or "Donald must be hiding under the rocket!"

•  On the way to play with a friend the other night, we were having a conversation about being kind to others.  I told him he needs to remember to share, and take turns.  I also said that even if someone takes something away from him, he  needs to find something else to play instead of getting mad and fighting.  The whole time he's staring out the window of the van.  I said "Do you think you can do that Andrew?"  His response was very matter of fact... "No."  Ha!  At least he's honest! 

•  The other day my mom walked in her house when we were with her and said "Jim!  We're home!" (talking to Papa).  One afternoon when we were playing upstairs, Andrew said "Jim!  We're home!"  I asked him who Jim was and he said "Papa."  So I thought I'd see if he knew what our names were, just for fun.  I said, "Did you know that Daddy's name is Craig?"  He said, "No!  His name is Daddy!"  Ha! 

•  We were picking out his Halloween costume and we got 2 different sizes so I could try them on him at home and return one.  He was confused about why there were 2.  He kept saying "this one's mine... (and he acted like a lightbulb came on and said...) and daddy can wear this one!"  Ha!  (It was size 6 by the way!)

•  Andrew was walking silly like Rango again and we had the following conversation:
   Me:  "Okay, come on, Rango!" (I was playing along with his "walk")
   Andrew:  "I'm not Rango!"
   Me:  "Who are you?"
  Andrew:  "Andrew!"  (Like... duh!)

•  Andrew was looking for a toy he couldn't find (common thing around here, even with all my attempts at organization!) He was asking me to help him, and I was looking but told him we would have to play with something else and it would probably turn up sometime.  He kept begging me (and I had thrown in the towel at this point).  Pretty soon he said "You're makin' me mad!"

I could go on and on... but I'll save some for the next post! (Ha!)  Now for some pictures...

 Go Cyclones!  Andrew had Cyclone/Hawkeye day at preschool the day before the big game!  
 We won't get into too many specifics about the game (Clones win in triple overtime...AHEM!)
 Let's just say we're proud to be cyclones!
 Andrew calls these his "cyclone shoes!"  Ha!
 Here he is getting ready to get on the bus.  His two best friends at school were Hawkeye fans and he came home and told me about it right away.  One of the little boys' mom's told me that her son came home and told her that Andrew was a "red guy," but that it was okay, because red is okay too!  Ha!  That is so funny.  I'm sure the preschool teacher had to explain some equity lessons after this day!
 Andrew started tumbling last week and he loves it!
 He was pretty good at forward rolls!
 I was pretty surprised because a lot of kids didn't know how to do it, but he just jumped right in and rolled clear down the mat!  I'm not sure where he learned it!
 I think he looks so cute here, standing so still and waiting his turn.  There are a couple of naughty kids in his class that were running and jumping on the trampoline (which he was dying to do!) and also picking up these dots and putting them on their heads... I was super nervous that he was going to join right in, but I was so proud of him!  He looked at me and gave me a super mad face, but he knew he better stay put!  Ha!  I couldn't believe it.  I called Craig on the way home and told him Andrew wasn't the naughty kid in class this time!  Ha!
 He needs a little work on the balance beam, but he tried hard and did a good job!

 Since I'm home on maternity leave right now, it has been fun keeping Andrew home in the mornings before he goes to preschool in the afternoons.  We just snuggle in bed with Kerigan and hang out in our jammies and I love it!  He has been more into playing games with me lately, and he'll ask me to do a puzzle or game with him a lot.  
 This was so cute, he asked me to help him put his dinosaur puzzle together (which is super tricky, and he actually found several pieces!)
 Then once he was done, I noticed him going back and forth from his dino collection (he has a million), and putting them on his puzzle.
 I thought he was just playing until I realized he was actually matching them up!  He was laying them on top of the dinosaur on the puzzle that matched!  I was pretty impressed!  Ha!
 He's such a clever kid!  Like his daddy! :)

At preschool this week they had barnyard day.  Andrew dressed like a farmer!  I thought he looked so cute in his hat and Woody boots that are way too small for him now!  We're going to have to get him a new pair and hide the other ones!  He is so attached to them.
We've been enjoying the cooler weather!  It has just been beautiful and I hope it stays this way.  It puts me in the mood for all things pumpkin (there might be some baking going on this weekend since we won't be in the hospital!) and also sorting through the kids closets to get their fall wardrobes out (yes I actually look forward to this!).  Seems like every year I do that and then it gets hot the next week!  Ha!  Oh well, no matter, this is my favorite time of year!
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