Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Miss {two months}

My precious daughter... where do I even begin?  How does time go so fast?  You have changed so much in just a month I simply cannot believe it.  I want to slow it down and just soak in every single bit of your "newborn-ness" because I can already feel it disappearing right before my eyes!

We went to the doctor today for your 2 month check up.  You weigh 11lb 13oz and are 24 1/2 inches long.  You have just been growing leaps and bounds!  You are in the 85% for weight and 97% for height!  I guess you're going to be tall!  I look at you sometimes and can't believe how big you are already.  You wear 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes and size 1 diapers (although you had your first blowout the other day, so I think it's time for size 2's!) You love to have me help you sit up, and I hold you up while you stand and put pressure on your legs.  Sometimes I feel like I could almost let go and you would stand all by yourself.  You are so strong.  And you get this precious little look on your face like you are so proud of yourself.  It's your "I'm such a big girl" look.  And I love it.  You love it when I squeal at you and say "Look at you BIG GIRL!!!!!" in my overly excited voice.  It just makes you make the big girl face even more.  You are very close to rolling over already.  You roll from your back to your side all the time.  I just keep watching you because I expect it any day!
This month we took you on your first little "vacation" to Minneapolis.  You are a great little traveler and just go with the flow.  You also sleep great in the car (Andrew never did!)  You also took your first boat ride at Clear Lake and you loved it.  You love being outside and feeling the breeze on your face.  You just blink and get a little smile on your face. 
You are sleeping in your crib in your room.  Mommy wasn't quite ready for that big step yet, but our friends came to visit and needed to borrow your pack and play, so it was a good excuse to try you in your room and you slept great (well, the same as you did in our room!) so we have just kept you in there.  I love it that you like your room.  You always look all around at everything.  I can just picture you in there someday playing dress up and having tea parties with your dolls!
You have started smiling.  A lot.  You usually smile after your belly is full, which I think is so funny.  I always know the best time to take pictures of you!  Ha!  You also usually smile if we look at you and smile and talk to you.  You just look right at us and flash that million dollar smile and it just absolutely
You are definitely more high maintenance than your brother was when he was a baby.  But you are a girl and I know you can't help it!  Ha!  You have had a lot of tummy issues and horrible reflux.  We have been switching formula and trying different medicines to try to help you.  It has been a rough month with getting you to eat and sleep on a schedule.  You won't have anything to do with a schedule (which drives me nuts! Ha!)  Mommy likes to plan shopping trips and outings, and I just never know when that little tongue of yours is going to stick out, searching for food!  You are very inconsistent with how much you sleep and eat.  You sometimes will go 4 hours between feedings, other times, 2 hours.  Sometimes you'll take 6oz at a time, other times you only want 2oz.  You usually scream cry during one or two feedings a day, I think because your tummy hurts or your reflux is bothering you.  It breaks my heart because you really want to eat but I can tell it hurts too much.
(Getting good at holding your head up during tummy time!)

You have slept up to 7 hours overnight, but mostly you are teasing me because you usually wake up every 3 hours through the night.  You are all over the place, girl!  During those feedings in the middle of the night are when we really bond.  There's no TV on, the room is dim and it feels like you and I are the only ones in the whole world.  You just look at me with those captivating eyes of yours and it is like I can almost feel what you are thinking.  It is just pure love.  As tired as I am, those are some of my most favorite moments.  Just you and me, peace and quiet, surrounded by love.
You are truly my dream come true, baby girl.  Those are the times I look at you and picture all the dreams I had of having a daughter coming true right before my eyes.  I picture your future, and everything mamas and daughters are supposed to do together, and the simple thought of it just brings tears to my eyes.  As much as I want to keep you my baby forever, I simply cannot wait to make those beautiful mother/daughter memories with you.  Is it too early to paint your toenails??  Ha!

And speaking of eyes...

I am not sure if it is too early to tell, but I am pretty certain your beautiful blue eyes are here to stay.  You are unique, baby girl, because your mommy, daddy and Andrew all have dark brown eyes.  But do you know who had blue eyes?  Your Grandpa Bill.  You are named after his mother, your great grandmother Irene.  And I think it is no coincedence that your eyes match his.  It is like he left his mark on you when he sent you to us, to let us know that he is with us, and he knows you.  It makes my heart so happy to know that.  Your eyes will always be that reminder for me, and I love that.
I am trying to get you to take a paci.  I am not a fan of sucking fingers or thumbs, mostly because of germs that end up on hands.  You will suck your paci for a few seconds, then usually spit it right out and make a face!  Silly girl!  When you are very sleepy though, you will take it and you like to be in your swing and have me rub your blankie up by your face.  You will suck on your paci and your eyes get so heavy and you go right to sleep that way.  You know what you want, that's for sure.  I often catch you sucking on your fingers, which I promptly replace with the paci!  Ha!  We'll see who wins this one, girlie!
Your brother just adores you (and you him).  He calls you "baby girl" and he always tells you how pretty you are.  It just melts my heart.  When I bring you downstairs all dolled up, he'll come over to you and touch you and say "Oh, baby girl!  You're so pretty!"  And showers you with kisses and love.  You have started smiling at him, which he loves.  He makes silly faces at you to try to get you to smile!  I can already see your bond, and it just makes me so unbelieveably happy.  I never had a sibling to grow up with, and I always felt like I missed out.  I am so happy I was able to give Andrew a precious sister, and you a loving brother.  I pray that the two of you will always love each other and be close friends.
I just love dressing you up in all your adorable outfits and taking pictures of you.  Ga Ga says it is like I'm playing with my doll!  Ha!  I always used to love my dolls and playing dress up, now I have a real live baby doll!  This mama couldn't be any more blessed.  I love you so much sweet girl.  I feel like I've already written a book about you and you are only two months old.  But you have such a special story to tell, this is just a short chapter in the book of your life.  You are going to do great things!  And I can't wait to write the rest of the story...

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