Thursday, September 8, 2011

lake weekend continued...

After our swim at the hotel, we headed back to the lake for a little while, and then headed out to dinner.  Andrew had a blast throwing rocks into the water, as usual!

I couldn't get over what a beautiful day and evening it was.  It is really starting to feel like fall!  I hope the weather stays this way and we are done with the heat!

These next few pictures just crack me up every time I look at them.  He has been walking like this occasionally, and we could never figure out what he was doing but we were always laughing at him (which only encourages him to do it more, of course.)  This particular day I finally asked him where he got this from...
Any guesses??

He just kept on walking silly, looked right at me and said "Rango!"  Ha!  I laughed and laughed.  That has got to be the weirdest movie ever made, but Andrew loves it.  I can't get over that he is immitating Rango!  What a funny kid.
After strolling with Rango along the lake, we headed to another favorite place for dinner- The Other Place (aka The OP).  We love their pizza.  It is seriously the best.
And the funniest part of this experience was watching Craig playing video games with all the kids!  I thought he was being so nice and helpful to take Andrew for us since Andrew wanted to go and play.  Next thing I know I turn around and he's over there, totally engrossed in this game.  Ha!  I laughed and laughed.  My favorite is Andrew and the kid in the seats next to him, just staring at him!!  Haha!
Andrew got spaghetti (his favorite) and also ate pizza!  He loved every bite!  And that huge cup next to him?  Yeah, that's milk.  I questioned them when they brought it because I had ordered him a "kid's milk."  Yep, it is really that huge.  Ha!  Andrew drank it all too!
This has quickly become a tradition anytime we stay in a hotel with Ga Ga and Papa.  Papa is known for bringing his old fashioned popcorn popper and making popcorn for us.  We usually try to find a good movie on TV, but we also bring Andrew's portable DVD player in case there is nothing on (which was the case this night).  Popcorn and movies just go hand in hand.  That is Andrew's philosophy!
I love the way he is looking at Papa in this picture.  He just adores him.  These pictures show just how excited he was about this popcorn thing!
Enjoying his bowl of popcorn and Yogi Bear...
Little miss Kerigan has started giving us some smiles, too.  She did so great the whole time- we just love bringing her along with us!  She is a great little addition to the fun!

When we woke up the next morning we had a delicious breakfast at the hotel, and then headed out on the lake because it was absolutely gorgeous!

We put Kerigan in her car seat so she could be shaded most of the time.  I only got her out for pictures!  She just loved the boat ride.  She was content the entire time.
She just relaxed and smiled at us a lot...
For those of you wondering, we do have a life jacket for her- it is Andrew's old one and it still fits him (if that tells you anything!  Ha!)  It is the smallest one they make, for 30 lbs and under.  It basically swallowed her up, so we didn't torture her with wearing it for the whole boat ride.  We had it right by her in case of an emergency!  We weren't really worried about her going anywhere, since she bascially can't move yet!  Ha!
My little boaters (the sun was shining in Kerigan's eyes!  She opened them right up when she was in the shade!  I think she needs sunglasses!)
And just to top off this perfect day on the lake, when we got off the boat we heard the ice cream truck coming up the street!  Andrew thought it was the coolest thing ever that you could buy ice cream from a truck!

We took the boat out of the water and it is already back home nestled in the garage waiting for next summer.  I always get sad when summer is over and it is time to take the boat out.  But I have to admit, I'm not sad this time.  I simply cannot wait to celebrate the upcoming holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) with my family and new precious daughter.  All of Kerigan's "firsts" are coming up, and there is just no way I could be sad about that!  I already have her Halloween costume all ready to go!  Now I'm in the mood to put the summer clothes away and bring on the fall!  I finally got my decorations up and we're ready for more special memories to come!

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