Monday, September 19, 2011

a day in the life

 This is my sweet girl all dressed up to go shopping with mommy!  We have been having fun on little outings while brother has been at preschool.  She is great when we are out and about, and I hope that never changes!  I just love bringing her along.  We get quite a few oohs and aahs from strangers, too!  (Well, Kerigan, does, not me!  Ha!)
 This is probably my most favorite part of our day.  Kerigan usually eats around 6am, and after she eats I bring her in our room and prop her up in my arms or the boppy and we go back to sleep.  Andrew will normally join us when he wakes up about 7:30, and he likes to watch TV in our bed so mommy and Kerigan can catch some extra winks! (It is my little trick to keep him in bed longer if I'm not ready to get up yet!)  I just love Kerigan's face in this picture- she's smiling at her brother.  We all have fun snuggling together!  Wish it could last forever...
Then we usually make our way downstairs and hang out and watch cartoons.  This picture cracks me up because Andrew was less than thrilled!  Ha!  He just likes to be by himself and relax when he wakes up and listen to his shows without me bugging him (or Kerigan!)
She was just being so cute and smiley I had to take their picture!  Andrew just wouldn't work with me!  Ha!

 Most of the rest of my day consists of keeping Kerigan safe!  Ha!  Just kidding, but if I leave her with Andrew for very long by herself, she usually ends up mad about something!  The other day she started to cry and he actually picked her up!  Yeah, I freaked out a little bit.  I think he learned she can't hold her head up by herself quite yet!
 Andrew wants to be wherever Kerigan is, and plays with all her toys.  He won't stay off this play gym!  I set up all the toys for her, and next thing I know, he's got them scattered all over the room!
 She is just starting to grab at her toys dangling from the play gym.  She really enjoys playing here, whether on her tummy or her back.
Grabbing for her monkey...
Looking at herself in the mirror...

The other day I brought up the toy part of the bouncy seat and she loved it!  She'll sit in there and just watch everything and kick her legs- it's so cute!  
She naps pretty good for me too.  She usually plays after she eats for about an hour or two, then sleeps until her next bottle again.
 When brother isn't at preschool, we've been getting creative thinking of things to occupy him if I'm busy with Kerigan, etc.  He loved this the other day.  I bought a cheap plastic tablecloth at Walmart and let him go to town with play doh (I have a love-hate relationship with that stuff!) I don't usually ever let him play with it in the house.  But I am trying to let go a little! Step outside the box!  Ha!  I told him he had to keep it on the mat and he did great!  He was completely engaged for about an hour!  I never heard a peep out of him!  Why is it messy projects are always the most entertaining?  Ha!
 We all get excited when daddy comes home from work!  Even though we are all usually worn out by that time!  Ha!
 This little bright eyes is definitely a daddy's girl...
And I'm pretty sure she's got daddy wrapped around her finger already!

(Oh, and several of you have commented and emailed me about her "heart" shaped birthmark between her eyes... we think it's pretty special too.  In fact, I have a whole blog post spinning around in my head about it, just not sure what I want to say yet!  We definitely don't think it is a coincidence!)

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