Thursday, September 22, 2011

queen for a day

Birthdays are a big deal in my family.  Ever since I can remember, my mom and dad always went out of their way to make my birthday special.  I always felt like a queen!  Even today, 35 years later (yikes!) my mom still goes out of her way to make my day special.  And Jim did too.  My sweet husband had to work all day and night (but he made up for it with a really beautiful card... and an early birthday present... my new iPhone!)  But mom and Jim still didn't want my birthday to go by without celebrating. So they joined the kids and I this afternoon for a fun filled evening!
It may not look fun filled here (Ha!) but it was!  Andrew was sitting so cute on Papa sleeping, I had to take a picture!
 Once he noticed I had the camera, he went all "cheese!" on me! :)
 These two are the most precious gifts.  All I could ever hope for, or desire.
 I got to spend the whole day with my beautiful babies, and that in itself was reason for celebration.
 (This is an inside look of how the photo shoot really went!  Don't you love Kerigan's spit up on my shoulder?  And Andrew being way naughty!  He had to be bribed with fruit snacks... He was squeezing Kerigan so tight she kept crying!  Ha!)  Haven't you noticed people usually only post the "good" pictures?  I have to show you sometimes what it is really like!  Ha!
 Andrew was being so funny.  I was trying to sit him on his knees with Kerigan in between and I told him to put his arm around mommy (so I could put Kerigan between us), and he did this- grabbed me around the neck and practically pushed me over (hence, the reason for my hair being all messed up!  Ha!)  Love his sweet smile.  This is what it's really all about.  Andrew sang happy birthday to me when he woke up this morning.  And continued all throughout the day.  It was like he knew my birthday was a special day, and he wanted to make it special for me.  Man I love this kid!  

Before we went out to dinner, we all took him to his tumbling class.  I reminded him of the naughty boys in his class, and told him what I expected of him before we went inside.  He was absolutely perfect the whole time.  Watching the other boys run around like hooligans.  I kept giving him the thumbs up, and he'd nod his head and smile at me.  After class, we all praised him for how good he was and he said "I made you happy mama!"  It was the most precious thing.  EVER.
 I didn't take my camera to dinner, my mom took us out to Applebees (Andrew loves it there) and we had a delicious birthday dinner, complete with an awesome brownie sundae!  (Everyone in my family knows I'd rather have a big ol' fatty brownie than cake... ANY day!)
 When we got home from dinner, Andrew helped me open my birthday cards and gifts.  Kerigan was so adorable, sitting up in her chair like such a big girl!  Ha!  I can't wait to see her on my birthday next year!  It almost makes me sad to think how big she'll be!
 Bless Jim's heart, he is so sweet.  My mom said he spent all week shopping for special things for me for my birthday.  He picked out this ISU shirt, which I love!
 He also picked out a special pumpkin candy jar and a bag of candy corn to add to my fall decorations (which I also love!)  It was so thoughtful of him to actually put thought into gifts he knew I'd love.
I love these pictures of Andrew's face.  He was so excited to help mommy open her presents!  I have always thought it was so sweet of Andrew to love everyone's birthdays, even if they are not his own.  He loves joining in the fun and doesn't even care that he doesn't get presents.  He just gets super excited to watch us open our presents.  Sweet boy.

I had a great day, thanks to my family and all my sweet friends who texted, left facebook messages and emails!  My phone was beeping all day long with new messages coming in!  It was so fun!  Thanks so much everyone!

And my hubby's taking me out this weekend to celebrate, just the two of us!

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