Sunday, April 1, 2012

sibling love

Andrew and Kerigan have been having so much fun playing together lately.  Andrew enjoys the fact that she's a little older now, can crawl, and pretty much smiles whenever she sees him.
They like to "wrestle" with each other.  Andrew sometimes needs to be reminded that she is just a baby and to be gentle, but she is tough!
She is not usually phased by the things he does, which include squeezing her cheeks!
Sometimes, when she gets into his stuff, he'll take her by the legs and drag her across the floor.  She's not as fond of that!  Ha!
When he is on the couch she usually crawls right over to where he is and wants to be with him.  Most of the time, he likes to have her get up there with him and they "play."  He likes to lay down and have her crawl on him.  She usually slaps around at his face and head and he just giggles and encourages her!

Kerigan is loving TV lately!  Whenever his shows are on, she usually enjoys watching with him.  Here they are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  That is a favorite lately.
Cheese Mama!
Getting Bubba's head!
These are the sweetest little faces I've ever seen!
This was one of those beautiful evenings, before it actually started getting HOT!  We took the kids out to play and to the park again.   Andrew has these outdoor toys he loves to play with and these darts that he likes us to throw in the air.  Well, I just had to share this because it was so funny.  I took a turn at throwing the dart in the air and it actually went on the roof and didn't come back down!  Andrew looked dumbstruck!  I told him what happened and that it must be stuck.  He goes, "God dang it!"  (wonder where he's heard that before... Craig??)  Ha!  Then he looked thoughtful and said excitedly, "Maybe SANTA will get it down!"  I laughed so hard.  It was pretty stinkin funny.  Maybe Andrew... if it's still there next Christmas!
I just love the way she looks at him...

Pure sibling love... (let's hope it lasts!)
Kerigan actually went down the slide (I held her!) a few times.  She wasn't thrilled but she didn't hate it, either!
I think this summer she's going to really love coming here.
I just love this.  He's famous for dumping all of his toys on top of her!  Then they just sit and hang out together.
It is really just too cute for words...
Can you see Andrew's masterpiece behind him?  He loves to line his animals up in a circle around the edge of our coffee table.  He was so proud of it!  Then he tells me to leave it there when he goes to bed!  Ha!  So Craig and I try to maneuver around them, it's really fun.  Ha!
She hasn't given up getting into these baskets of books.  I am trying to decide how long I'm going to torture myself rather than just moving them.
This just reminded me too much of another little stinker I once knew...
Seriously?  He did the exact same thing.  And yes, I moved the baskets back then!  Actually, we moved the whole darn coffee table!  It went to the basement for about 4 years!  I was so excited to get it back out when we redid our family room a little bit last spring (before the little miss joined us!)  I just refuse to move it back down again!  Ha!
A little spring cleaning and organizing brought this up from the basement, and Kerigan loves it!
She crawls back and forth and plays with all the little buttons and toys.  She is the perfect age for it!
Couldn't resist this face... and those big blue eyes!
We had some other fun friends come to play over spring break!  This is baby Jack.
Andrew and Lilly have known each other all their lives and now they are a big brother and big sister to these two sweeties!  It is just the best!  Alissa and I are enjoying the clothes swapping!  We've decided to swap other things too, like toys and strollers!  It's worked out really nicely.
Lilly is just one of the sweetest little girls I know.  
Just for fun...a blast from the past of Lilly and Andrew!  So sweet!  We'll have to get a picture of Kerigan kissing Jack like this someday!
Ga Ga and Papa came over to celebrate daddy's birthday a few weeks ago.  Do you love how Kerigan is smushed in the middle?  She was asleep, and Andrew was determined to wake her up!
I always have to share funny stories about my husband, because let's face it... he is stinkin funny.  My mom brought his present wrapped in this Betty Boop sack.  We were all laughing about it (she said it was all she could find at home and she didn't want to go buy one!  Ha!)  I went to take his picture and he made this face.  I told him it was going on the blog, and you can see his expression didn't change so he didn't care!  Ha!
Andrew was star of the week last week at his preschool.  He got to choose a special guest to come and visit his class.  He chose Ga Ga and Kerigan!
He was so excited to have them come and introduce them to his friends.  My mom said it was so much fun.  They all read a book together and she brought them all suckers.  I was so sad I couldn't be there, but I was thrilled my mom was able to go!  It was a special day!
Andrew is such a proud big brother!
But he never wants me to forget when he was a baby too!  (I was getting ready to feed Kerigan one night and he jumped up on the boppy before I could get to her!)  He'll always be my baby!  And I hope he always wants to be!

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