Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter fun!

Have I mentioned I love Andrew's day care?  Well, I do.  And here's one of the many reasons why...
When we walked in on Friday morning, this is what we saw.  The kids had set out "bunny food" the day before.  They were all just going crazy when they saw this.  It was one of the most enjoyable drop offs I've ever had!
Andrew and his little friends were so excited, running up and down the halls, following the bunny prints and chocolate chips poop.  What a fun morning!  The kids had an Easter party and colored eggs and had an Easter egg hunt.
That afternoon when I picked Andrew up, we made a birthday cake for grandpa.
Andrew was so excited to set out his basket and leave a picture he colored for the Easter bunny before bed.  He wanted to leave some carrots out, too (since he learned at day care that the bunny comes for carrots!  Ha!)  Silly mama, I neglected to buy carrots on my last shopping trip with a list already a mile long.  So he settled for jelly beans instead.  I guess he thought the bunny wouldn't mind eating his own poop?  (Reference: see the movie "Hop")
EB left Andrew a very nice note in the morning, explaining the true meaning of Easter.  He also told him to have fun finding his basket and to help Kerigan with hers since she's still so little.  After quite the hunt, we found his basket in the dryer!  That silly EB!  Andrew laughed and was so excited!
Yay!  Hop!
Kerigan got Andrew's old ball popper that I dusted off from the basement a brand new ball popper!
EB put puffs in her Easter eggs.  He must have known she was too little for jelly beans!
We got dressed and went out to hunt for the eggs EB hid in the backyard.
He hid a few other surprises too!  The new Alvin movie Andrew had been wanting!  How does EB know this stuff?

After all the Easter bunny fun, we packed up and headed north to Craig's parents house to celebrate Easter.
Kerigan with her Great Grandma (she has 3!  Isn't that amazing?)  I just love both of Craig's grandmas.  They are so sweet and they come to so many family gatherings, even though it isn't easy for them to get around all the time.  They are such good sports!
Grandma set up the best Easter egg coloring spot!  And tons of eggs!  All the kids went crazy!
Andrew was so funny with his full container of eggs.  He'd just dump one in, leave it in for about 2 seconds and then fish it out with his fingers.  I told him he had "Hulk" fingers!  I wondered if the dye would ever come out of them!
We had lots of fun playing outside.  The kids favorite thing to do is play on grandpa's rock pile!  I swear, they are entertained with this for hours!  They slide down it like a slide!  Perhaps this explains the reason for Andrew's first hole in his jeans?  The kids come in nice and filthy and full of dust.  Daddy said that's what kids do for entertainment on the farm!  Andrew definitely has a blast!
Of course, getting to play with these two boosts up the fun factor quite a bit!  Andrew just adores all of his cousins.
I love this.  She seriously is on cloud nine every time she is with her daddy.  She was squealing and laughing here!
She kinda likes me too!  Ha!
And just because she's cute from behind... someday you'll appreciate that, Kerigan!  Ha!
The boys had fun playing hide and seek behind grandpa's tractors!
Kerigan and Grandpa
The kids all took turns riding grandpa's gator.
This was too funny not to blog about.  This is Craig and 2 of his brothers.  Do you think they had a little too much fun playing outside?  Ha!
It was grandpa's birthday on Saturday so we all enjoyed the cake Andrew had helped me make.  The kids enjoyed singing happy birthday and helping grandpa blow out the candles!  (I had to laugh- Craig in the background hiding behind Kerigan because I wanted all the grandkids in the picture!  Ha!)  This is 5 of the 8 grandchildren.
On Sunday morning, the Easter bunny had come to grandma's too! (He gets around!) 
He hid Easter eggs in the garage and the kids had so much fun counting their money and eating their jelly beans.  Then they learned there was round 2 in the basement!  More eggs!  They were so thrilled and had so much fun finding eggs together.  Just a sweet story about my boy- his cousin Jayden was upset because he wasn't finding many eggs.  Andrew ran over to him and said "Here Jayden, I'll share!" and gave him 2 of his eggs.  Proud mom moment!
Andrew checking out his stash with daddy!

We had a great time with Craig's family.  After a yummy brunch (Craig's mom always fixes amazing food!) we all went to church together.  Then we headed back home and stopped at my mom's for Easter dinner.  Part 2 coming soon!

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