Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter photo shoot

Today my little girl is 9 months old.  I always do her update on the 12th of every month, but I am going to have to admit I am behind this month!  I've kept up every month until now, so I'd say that's an accomplishment!  I am taking her 9 month pictures this weekend and I'll do her update then.  I have so much to share!  But for now.. on to more Easter fun!

We stopped to have Easter dinner with Ga Ga and Papa on the way home from Craig's parents house.  Andrew found some surprises right away!

And he got to do another Easter egg hunt!  He just can't get enough of egg hunting!
I did a mini photo shoot of them, even though Kerigan was really not in the mood.  But I persisted!  Normally she's so smiley, but she got mad when I put her in the grass!

I just love my kids Easter baskets.  My mom got Andrew his for his first Easter, and we just got this one for Kerigan.  I still need to get a new liner for Andrew's because his name can't be embroidered on the one that came with it.  I just haven't seen one I love yet!  I love having special baskets for them to use every year and sitting them out the night before Easter for the bunny to fill.
She was fascinated with the grass!  I put her in Andrew's lap to see if that would help but she still just kept looking at it!  Ha!
My little man- when did he grow up??
Sitting on Ga Ga's front step was much better!
And a pretty egg to play with!
I just fell in love with this hat when I saw it.  I think she looks like a little southern belle!
More photos... this one cracks me up because it looks like she is straightening her dress!
And this is how most of the photo shoot went!  This is their true colors!  Ha!

And this is really what she did most of the time, even though you can't really tell in the pictures!  I just had to show what it was really like!  Ha!  She was not happy about the grass and just did not want to sit still!  She is a little drama queen!

Attempt at a family photo- this was the only one out of about 100 where we were all looking, even though Craig looks thoroughly annoyed (which he was by this point!) and Kerigan is still not happy and Andrew was being goofy.  Ha!  Craig is the one who has to come out and try to make Kerigan smile most of the time, so I always need him for my photo shoots!  He says I just need to enjoy the moments and not take so many pictures... but seriously?  My kids are only coordinated like this on rare occasions.  I can't not do a photo shoot!  You'd think he'd be used to it by now!  I told him that's one thing about me that's not about to change!  Ha!  I am obsessed with taking pictures of my kids.  And I don't think I'll ever regret it!
Oh my sweet boy...he was so handsome!
We finally went inside for a delicious meal my mom made... all my favorites- Ham, baked beans, mashed potatoes, rolls... mmmm.  I could eat that meal every day forever.  I love it!
She was digging right in to her Easter basket from Ga Ga
Do you see this DVD Andrew is staring at?  It is the sweetest little movie.  It's called the Water Horse, and it is based on the Loch Ness myth.  It is so cute because Andrew saw this movie when he spent the night at Ga Ga's one night, and he kept trying to tell me what it was and has talked about it ever since.  My mom couldn't remember what it was, and we just forgot about it (it had been several months ago).  The other day he saw it at Toys R Us and went running up to it and told me that was the movie he saw with Ga Ga!  He was beyond excited.  I had never even heard about it, but he is obsessed with it.  Ga Ga had to get it for him for his Easter basket.  It is a really cute movie.
Then I remembered I had this book at school.  It has always been one of my favorites- I used to use it to compare fiction and nonfiction books with the life cycle of a frog.  But I knew I had to bring it home from school and show it to Andrew.  I asked him if the cover reminded him of something, and right away he made the connection to the Water Horse!  Both are about this monster from Loch Ness who grows at a very fast rate.  Now he is also obsessed with this book too!  (And I'm enjoying teaching him about making connections and comparing and contrasting literature!  Ha!)  It's a teacher thing!
My mom got this sweet little bunny cake for the kids and displayed it on the table.  It was so yummy!
I love this picture.  Absolutely love it.

I read this quote from Beth Moore's James study on another blog today and had to share it.  It describes Easter perfectly.

"The power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb is meant to be empty."

I hope all of your Easter and every day is filled with family, friends and most of all, God's love!

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