Saturday, July 28, 2012

cars land!

Our first stop at Disney California Adventure... yep, that's right!  The real Radiator Springs!  This addition to Disney California Adventure park just celebrated it's grand opening a couple of weeks before we were there.  It was jam packed and lines were long, but we enjoyed every minute and just took it all in.
I would never be able to explain how amazing this place was.  You just have to see it for yourself.  Let's just say that if you've ever seen the movie Cars... everything is an exact replica of the movie and you basically feel like you are walking down the street from the movie.  It is simply amazing.  See those mountains in the background?  That's where the most spectacular ride in all of Disney is located- the Radiator Springs racers.  
Right away when we were walking down the street we saw Mater and couldn't pass him up!
Andrew could not keep his hands off him!  Mater is his favorite... mine too!
This was Luigi's flying tires.  It was kind of like bumper cars, but not as rough!  They had beach balls flying around and it was all controlled by air.  It was pretty cool!
Another favorite ride was Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  The tractors were on a track and they whipped around and around (kind of like the tilt-a-whirl).
Andrew is just obsessed with this part of the movie when they tip the tractors over!  He loves them!  He even found a tractor to purchase in the gift shop with his money he had been saving.

Next up was Filmore the fire truck!  In the mornings, he is out on the street watering the flowers, just like in the movie!
Kerigan was concentrating so hard to stay on her feet!  Ha!
After riding some rides, McQueen and Mater had switched places!  Perfect timing!  I love this picture of my two handsome boys!
And my special little man
This was a treat, because we got to see Mater and McQueen switching places!  They just drive right down the street, just like the movie!  It is an amazing sight.  Disney really knows how to make things come to life, and dreams come true.
Our Guest Assistance Card came in very handy for this ride.  This is the Radiator Springs racers.  The line was over 3 hours long.  We would have barely been able to ride on it once, and not all of us (because Kerigan was too small so someone had to stay with her).  We felt very blessed to have the GAC card, which allowed all of us to ride several different times.  It is honestly the coolest, most amazing ride I have ever ridden in my whole life.  I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it's the truth.  This ride is like a roller coaster, but you are in a race car, and it is so smooth and the scenery is breathtaking.  I seriously could have ridden it around and around all day long.
Like everything else, the pictures just don't do it justice.  But this was a beautiful waterfall we passed by on the ride.
Most of my pictures were blurry because we were moving pretty fast, but you go from inside to outside quite a bit, which is so neat.  The ride is several minutes long.  Doc talks to you as you pass by...
When you get to this spot, you are actually meeting up with another car who had been on a slightly different track.  One track takes you through the car wash (where you get a little mist!) and another track takes you to get your tires changed (we got to experience both).  Then, you meet up with the other car and you both race to the finish!  It is so awesome!  You take off and go flying up and down the roads and around corners at top speed!  So fun.
This was a picture of us (we are in back) flying over a hill!  Ha!  (I just took a picture of the picture on the screen they wanted to sell us!)
This was so fun, we grabbed a bite for lunch at Flo's Cafe, just like in the movie!  It was an old fashioned diner.  We ate at a table overlooking the Radiator Springs racers so we got to watch the cars speed by.

I have some great night photos and a special story I'll share in my next update...  More to come from Disney California Adventure!

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