Monday, July 2, 2012

safety town & Andrew-isms

Andrew had Safety Town for a week when summer began.  It is a program in our town for incoming Kindergarteners and they learn pretty much everything there is to know about staying safe!  I feel like they chocked a ton of information into one week, but he just loved it and had a great time!  He was super sad when it was over.
The Safety Town bunny!
Andrew's best little girlfriend, Mya.  She goes to his day care and Andrew just adores her.  She will be going to his "Kindergarten school" next year because we live in the same neighborhood.  Andrew is so happy about that!
Saying the safety town pledge.
They had a little graduation ceremony for the kids on the last day and they got to show us all the songs and things they had learned.

This leads me to some sayings I have been writing down lately that I want to get recorded!  

After safety town he was in safety mode.  He'd keep telling me things he learned, etc.  We talked about stranger danger a lot, because he has a tendency to run away or walk off from me when we are out in public.  The other day we were in the car and I was scolding him from running away from me and I told him that a stranger could have taken him and he would never see mommy and daddy again.  I said that the stranger would be mean to him and not let him come home.  Andrew thought about this long and hard. Pretty soon he said to me, "Well, I will think about you!"  Gee thanks, Andrew!  Ha!

One afternoon Ga Ga was with the kids and Kerigan was being extra fussy (she's majorly teething).  My mom always tries so hard to pay equal attention to both kids, but Kerigan was pretty demanding.  Andrew finally said to her- "Hey!  You're taking good care of Kerigan but you're not taking care of me!"  Ha!
Beep beep!  Andrew's coming through!  Ha!

The other day we drove past our church and Andrew said "I see my Jesus School!"  I told him soon he would be going to vacation bible school to learn all about Jesus.  I reminded him that we have so much to be thankful to Jesus for, and that He made the whole world and all the people.  Andrew said, "yeah, and He made my cousins, and Disneyland and Madagascar movie, and Ice Age movie... and Jesus knows we haven't seen Ice Age yet!"  Ha!  I got him back on track and said, "You know you can always talk to Jesus when you are scared or hurt or sad and He will make you feel better, right?"  And he said "Yeah, or when you are SICK."  I said yes that he was absolutely right, and he said, "When you go to the doctor and the doctor says you have to get a shot Jesus will say NO don't give Andrew a shot!"  HA!  It was quite a conversation.  There were many more ramblings, but those were the highlights I wanted to remember.  So sweet.

He has been saying all kinds of funny things lately, like "No problem!"  "Don't worry!"  "Oh boy!"  We had some friends over for a play date the other day and the little boy got out Andrew's Batman cave.  He goes "Don't worry, I have Batman stuff!" (Meaning the toys to go with it).  Ha!

Kerigan was about to spill his milk from the table and he goes "Oh boy, I'll move it up here!"

He's so cute with Kerigan, he'll say "How's my girl!?  Oh my!  She's doing it all by herself!" (Walking, or in reference to anything she's doing that deserves praise).  Ha!

I told him we were going to get daddy a grill for Father's Day and he looked at me so funny and said "GORILLA????"  

He said to Craig the other morning, "My tummy is telling me I'm hungry!" 

Daddy was telling him he was going to go to day care for a little while and he said "Daddy, look at my mouth!  It's saying NO!"

The other day I put him in time out because he had burst into Kerigan's room as I was trying to get her down for her nap.  When time out was over I asked him what he needed to say.  He said "Sorry."  I asked him what he was sorry for, and he replied very matter of fact: "For waking up the sister."  THE sister?  Ha!

He basically makes us laugh multiple times a day.  And if I could write these things using an "expression" button, they are even funnier, because his voice adds to the hilarity!
He loves books more and more each day.  He will sit and look at them and pretend read for hours.  He reads with expression and says phrases from the book.  It is so funny to listen to him.  Sometimes he gathers up his stuffed animals in a pile like this and reads to them.
Or just throws himself in the middle of them!  Ha!
He drew these cute little pictures of bugs the other day and I wanted to remember them.  I thought they were so cute (and detailed)!
Andrew almost always insists on taking a bath with Kerigan now.  I try to sneak her up there without him knowing it, but he always comes running up and throws his shirt right off!  Ha!
This just makes me laugh.  Ha!
Nothing like squeaky clean kids all snuggled in after a bath and sweet little baby toes!
There's barely room for him in bed!  Ha!

Just another funny story I want to remember... some of you may know that I don't exactly have a green thumb.  I am awful at keeping plants alive and I have no motivation to water them every day.  Yet, I still want them and want them to look nice!  Ha!  I just want it to miraculously happen!  Jim is so sweet because he always is helping me plant my flowers in the spring, and I always feel so bad because they always die about halfway through the summer!  They came over the other night and brought me this book, and I about died laughing.  I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time!
That's stinkin funny!  Ha!

And just because this is about the cutest little thing I've ever seen...  Here is Kerigan's very first "school" picture-
Yes, it somewhat lacks creativity and color, but seriously?  That face!  Oh my gosh she is so precious and sweet.  She just looks so innocent, I love it so much!

Well, I'm off to download about 3,000 pictures from our trip!  We had the best time in California and I have many stories to tell!  And we have a 4th of July at the lake to celebrate, and somebody's first birthday coming up... while the thought is overwhelming me, I know I'll get the blog all caught up! More to come soon...

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