Thursday, July 26, 2012

disneyland {part two}

We made our way to Toontown in the afternoon.  It was essential that we see Minnie Mouse since Kerigan was having a Minnie birthday!  Pictures of her with Minnie were a must.  We didn't get too far before we had to stop and drive Goofy's car!  Ha!
While Ga Ga and I waited in line to see Minnie (yes, character lines were not shorter with the GAC!  But luckily Minnie was the only line that was much longer than 5 minutes.  I think we waited around 45 minutes for her, but totally worth it!)  I sent my phone with Daddy and Andrew to take pictures around Toontown.
Inside Mickey's house!
I love this!  Pluto's bed!

Driving Donald's Boat!
They also rode Goofy's roller coaster about 3 or 4 times!
We finally made it to see Minnie herself!
It was so interesting, I asked Minnie if she would hold Kerigan, and she shook her head.  It didn't even cross my mind that none of the characters are ever holding babies!  It makes sense I suppose!  They don't need a lawsuit for dropping anyone!  Ha!
Luckily Kerigan could stand.  And she was beside herself excited!
During our little photo shoot, Andrew and Daddy finished with their exploring and walked right up the steps into our photo- Kerigan grabbed onto Andrew so tight and hugged him!  It was soooooo adorable!  She was so happy to see him!
Kerigan's sunglasses just crack me up!
After photos with Minnie, you get to walk through her house.  Kerigan at Minnie's dressing table!  So precious!
In the kitchen...
This was so neat!  The dishwasher actually worked!
Standing in the middle of Toontown (Goofy's house is on the left, Donald's boat on the right).
Andrew was thrilled about Chip and Dale's Treehouse!  He loved walking inside of it.  He wanted to move in!  Ha!
Daddy took Andrew on another ride while Ga Ga and I scored a spot for the parade.  The parades at Disney are just simply amazing.
The music blares through the streets and it seriously just brings tears to your eyes.
Especially when you look over at your children and see the look of pure joy on their faces.
I think the parade was Kerigan's favorite part of Disney.  She was just lit up and grinning from ear to ear the whole time, and dancing to the music.  I loved watching her almost more than watching the parade!  She was so darn sweet!
Andrew loved this Lion King float!
And the crocodile from Princess and the Frog!
And of course, his favorites... Peter Pan!
This was so neat- these were dancers from one of the scenes, and the characters never usually come over to the people in line.  There were plenty of other kids and small children all around and this lady walks straight over to Kerigan and just had a fit about how cute she was!  Kerigan just smiled at her so big!  It was so precious.  Proud mom moment!
This picture just speaks volumes.  I love it so much.

I noticed there were a lot of rides and things that they don't have at Disneyworld.  The Storybook Land canal boats is one of them.  Andrew was so excited about this one because we rode a little boat right into the whale's mouth (from Pinocchio!)  It was so neat!
We had to ride Casey Jr- the Dumbo train!
And ride on the classic Dumbo ride!  (Funny how Andrew is peeking under Craig's arm and smiling at the camera!  Ha!)
Andrew loved this whale!  He could not get enough of it!
This picture makes me laugh and it is something I want to remember!  The whole time my mom kept begging us to go in the Tiki Room.  I remembered going there when I was a little girl and my parents took me to Disneyland, but I didn't remember anything about it.  My mom said it was one of my dad's favorite things!  None of us had any interest in going, but we figured since we hadn't waited in any lines or wasted much time, we could take a few minutes to appease my mom!  Ha!  Andrew was not happy about this little break from the rides, but we tried to have fun!  The funniest part is that my mom is deathly afraid of birds.  This whole room has birds hanging from the ceiling that sing and dance!  Ha!  She is funny.  It was quite an experience.  If nothing else, it reminded us of dad, and those reminders always make me happy.

We rode a few more rides and then made our way to find a spot on the Rivers of America for the night show Fantasmic.  Andrew was pretty tired by this point (it was 9:00) and Kerigan had already been asleep for hours!  (Another reason having a hotel close by would have been nice).  Andrew fell asleep but I woke him up to see this show!  He was a little groggy, but he enjoyed it.
My pictures just don't do it justice.  Most of them were blurry, but basically they had floats and boats sailing with different characters acting out scenes- this Pirate ship had Peter Pan's crew and Andrew loved it!
The neatest part was the end, when Mickey came by sailing the big ferry loaded with every single Disney character you could think of!  (See Mickey driving?)
I am amazed this picture turned out, but you can kind of see the characters on the balcony.  It was pretty spectacular- and with the music, it was another thing that brought tears to your eyes!  The thing about Disney is, you'll never see anything quite like it.  They do everything BIG, and every part of it is spectacular, and well... magical!  Everyone who works there always greets you with a smile and says "Have a magical day!" and it truly is.

Our 2nd day at Disney California Adventure coming up!

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