Wednesday, July 18, 2012

smash cake and presents galore!

Part two of the Minnie Mouse backyard BBQ... cake and presents!  Kerigan had so much fun at her little party- she was just adorable and so happy the whole time.  She is such a laid back baby and just went with the flow, staying up way past her bedtime.  She's growing up too fast!
She enjoyed having everybody sing to her!  She definitely knew she was the center of attention.

Big brother blew the candle out for her.
First glance at her cake..
She figured out what to do right away!
Yay!  Mommy's letting me get messy!
At first she wasn't really sure about tasting it, so she just smushed it and played with it for a while!

This was great fun!
Still not too sure...
She likes!
She was so funny, she kept sticking her tongue out.  I was careful not to let her eat anything sweet before her birthday because I wanted this to be a big moment for her!
Something totally new and different...

And it was so much fun to watch her!
My favorite part was when Andrew saw her!  He was busy playing and I made him come over to see his sister.  He immediately made this face!  Ha!
This one cracks me up, she's shoving it in by this point!  Andrew is all disgusted behind her!
He's yelling at his cousins to look at her!  Ha!
Look at his faces!  This kid just cracks me up!
Contemplating...  Ha!
We ended up stripping her down since she was such a mess!  It was in her hair, and everywhere you could imagine.
We just let her walk right over and rinse off in the pool!  I took her up for a quick bath and luckily had outfit number 2 all picked out!
All clean!  Ready for presents!
Andrew was allowed to help only when Kerigan got "off task!"  Ha!  (which was often!)
I just love this picture.  The color didn't turn out with the sun shining in the windows, but her face is so adorable.  She saw her new baby for the first time.  She went crazy.  She loves babies!  Whenever she sees one (real or doll!) she squeals and reaches for them.  She says "baby" and if I tell her to give baby a hug she grabs it and hugs it and lays her head down on it's head.  It is so sweet.
She almost had more fun playing "peek a boo" behind her present!  Ha!
She is just so fun to watch.  She's so entertaining with her spunky little personality!  And that grin on her face could just melt my heart every time.
She loved her push around buggy from Uncle Keith and Aunt Darlene!
She crawled right in!  This is going to be a huge hit this summer and fall.
First thing she did in the morning when she woke up!
Look out world, here comes Kerigan!

We just had a little mini-celebration this afternoon with my mom and Jim for my mom's birthday.  They waited to give Kerigan their gift so she could open something at a different time with less of a crowd, and also so they could open their presents together, because we had one for Ga Ga too!
Kerigan got the Little People zoo, which is so adorable and she already loves it.  Big brother gave her several animals to add to it.  Lately she's been really into animals (she loves the fisher price baby apps on my phone- those of you who don't have them!  Get them!  They are great... and free!)
I'm ready to shop- ha!  Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy sent these since they couldn't make it to the party.  She loved her new purse and phone!  Perfect for this girly girl!  Love it!
We gave Ga Ga this special necklace- it says "Proud Grandma."  I was trying to get a picture of Kerigan holding it but she kept covering the words!  Ha!  This is still sweet though.
Happy Birthday Mom and Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet baby girl!

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